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Default NSA connections to the Moon and Grey aliens

NSA head Keith Alexander recently raised some eyebrows when on a "60 Minutes" interview he looked to the side to get permission to ask a question the news reporter asked him. Why would the NSA head need to ask for permission from someone when the NSA is, for all intents and purposes, the real shadow government? Who in the NSA could have more power than Keith Alexander? My guess: MALEVOLENT GREY ALIENS FROM ORION.

In a 2009 interview, ET contactee Alex Collier explained that the NSA operates from the moon and has been since 1958. He also said that the US government made a treaty with malevolent Grey aliens from Orion in 1954 whereby the two parties would share technology and the NSA decided to use that technology on the moon. And, as Alfred Webre discussed in his 2011 interviews with Andromeda Council contactee Tolec, the Orion Greys made a treaty with the Alpha Draconis Reptilians long before this happened.
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