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Question Comet ISON: good or bad?

On the Infowars Nightly News last night, Lee Ann McAdoo interviewed Don Machholz of thecomethunter.com to discuss Comet ISON. Machholz made it clear that he thinks ISON is a real comet. Uhhhhhh, NO! ISON IS AN ALIEN SPACESHIP!!!

But is it a spaceship of good or bad aliens? Well, according to Andromeda Council contactee Tolec, it is a spaceship (or more specifically, a biosphere) of good aliens and it is known as Xanterexx, as he explains in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euWLhPT80Mo

However, Tanaath of the Silver Legion and Sunfire of the Galactic Federation of Planets recently discussed on an episode of Cosmic Voice Radio that Comet ISON/Xanterexx is actually a biosphere that belongs to malevolent reptilian aliens. They have also expressed concern that Tolec has been captured by malevolent forces and insist that Tolec doesn't act the same as he used to.

So who is right about what Xanterexx/Comet ISON actually is? Who knows, I don't know.
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Originally Posted by fanof2012 View Post
Well, according to Andromeda Council contactee Tolec,
Pleaaaaase! This individual has one of the highest counts of failed predictions in internet history. He was a conspiracy artist since day 1. Everything, and i accentuate - EVERYTHING this guy says is pure bullshit.

I rather go with 'theformerwhitehat"'s theory of tolec being an artifical intelligence located inside a quantum computer on Mars...than to believe one word of what that guy says.
Originally Posted by fanof2012 View Post
Tanaath of the Silver Legion and Sunfire of the Galactic Federation of Planets
Lord Lurk high rebel operative of the terran resistance in timeline 33 under the tyrannic overlordship of the illuminati reptilian seperatist high command doesn't believe this character exists either.

There you have it. Internet approved.

Oh and yes, ISON probably is a reptilian vessle and probably the beginning of a "V - The visitors" scenario. Hopefully, it's getting boring on earth.
Though sadly i believe it's just another boring comet who's appearance was hyped by the archons and their minions to the extreme to squeeze some more fear out of the human cattle.

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I believe Tolec and several others like him to be more than harmless insane persons or roleplaying conspiracy artists.
I think that many of these people are government operatives or government created profiles operated by people inside the NSA/CIA.

According to Tolec all reptilian bases on earth have been destroyed, their entire infrastructure destroyed, all reptilians defeated and gone. The space war is won...and now our friends from andromeda show up to take us on board their medical biospheres.

It is the same saviour propaganda just with a different touch.

And then the fake dates of course. Soon this is going to happen, soon that is going to happen. Just wait, soon you'll be saved, soon everything will be great.
And for every failed prediction he has excuses and of course, a new date to wait for.

This has all signs of an enemy psy op. To pacify people, keep them in waiting mode, maintaining their hope to be saved from an outside force. All the while the archons undisturbed continue their agenda.

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