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truth seeker 09
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Question Alex Collier is warning about Tolec?

Zenetae.com interviews Alex Collier



There is another thing I want to bring up. There is a young man apparently saying that he is an andromedan contactee. I do not know who he is talking to, I will just say that, but he is also saying that the war is over, that it's done, the bad guys are gone, and that is absolutely not true. They may be backing up, but they're not done, and they will not be done for a little bit longer here. Nobody knows exactly knows how things will play out, there are so many probabilities..

But what happens when you corner rats is that they become more and more dangerous than you could ever imagine, and that's what's happening - but it is not over, and it is completely irresponsible to be telling people that so that they relax, with the expectation that, okay when we have contact, the first group we meet will be the benevolents. That is simply not true.

The first group we meet will be here to clearly deceive us, and will do whatever they have to do to get us to surrender out free will because there's a much bigger agenda.

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king triad
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He should be warning people about Tolec and Tolec should be warning people about Alex...
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These tales about the war being over and how the bad guys had been routed, was a total crock of shit. No one believed it, I certainly didnt.
Couldnt have been anything more than a crock of shit.

Is anyone suckered in by that rubbish?
All living things will want to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World...
Then, one morning in a moment, we will awaken to the Red Dawn. The sky will be the color of blood..."

Ghostwolf & the Hopi Elders
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Alex is not warning about 'Tolec', beside, 'Tolec' said http://www.examiner.com/article/et-c...ag-et-invasion
Any attempt by the remaining grey and reptilian forces to assist Illuminati “false flag ET invasion” will be defeated, and any false flag ET invasion will fail.

Regarding the possibility of a future false flag ET attack, Tolec indicated, "The Andromeda Council (AC) is very aware of the - much higher than average - number of UFO 'sightings' over this relatively small area of land, Washington D.C., known as the seat of our nation's government.

"The AC first showed me a grid, a network of underground tunnels, spreading out from Washington D.C. upward toward the hills... where the remaining greys & reptilians are still roaming around attempting to cause trouble. The greys are currently positioning themselves at strategic underground tunnel locations at various points underneath the city - preparing for a coordinated 'false flag', fake attack event. The AC intelligence people are keenly aware of these activities.

"However, the greys & reptilians, are 'fighting for their lives', they know the game for control & power is slipping away, and is almost 'up'. they know the war is over. they know they have lost. they are 'playing their last hand'.
...So it could be possible that Alex Collier is refering to the remaining greys and reptilians still occupying the network of underground tunnels
d.) as I indicated in my 08.21.12 article - "The Hard Reality and a Difficult Truth" - there are still some - Reptilians, Reptilian/human hybrids and clones operating & controlling the highest levels of the Cabal & Illuminati on this planet

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alex collier, benevolent ets, et contact, tolec

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