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Originally Posted by gemstonelever View Post
Saw an interesting car tonight and a cool woman at the store. It reminded me of an idea I had for a way that these things might work. (Don't ask why that reminded me LOL)

Anyway, I was thinking that if they could somehow prevent gravity from pulling on the ship, or at least to only pull as much as it does air, then the ship would float. If they could cut it off all together, then the momentum the ship already has from rotating with the Earth would send the ship off in a straight line, kinda like twirling a ball on a string around you and then letting go. The Earth would keep rotating while the ship went straight out from it. Since the Earth is round, the people on the ground would be moving down and Eastward from the ship. To them the ship would look as if it was moving straight up, or up and Westward at a very high rate of speed.

Then I thought that we rotate at about 1000 MPH with the Earth, depending on where you are. So that means the ship would keep going at that same speed, only instead of moving on a curved path, it would just be going straight. When something moves on a curved path, isn't it changing directions all the time? Centrifugal force pulls us away from the Earth a bit for this reason, right? The amount of force on us from that would be the same if we broke off like I described because the ship hasn't actually increased it's speed at all. The difference is that the force would be acting as if it were pulling us backward instead of outward from the Earth.

And then I thought that without that force pulling us outward from the Earth, we might feel a little more of the pull of gravity as the centrifugal force on us counteracts some of the gravity that we feel on the surface.

Just some thoughts to get the thread going.
Gravity exists because of mass. If the saucer had negative mass then it would float. It's as simple as flicking a switch to reverse a voltage..
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Default It's been done before

Just acquaint yourself with John R.R. Searl from England and you will see that he has done all that in the fifties and sixties and is well on his way to do it again. All the theorizing is a waste of time.
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