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Default Mark Dice continues David Icke ridicule

Normally Dice does good videos on the music industry and general news updates but since last year, he's taken the road of being a loner, trashing the name of many great speakers and authors including William Cooper. The comments in general are not in his favour so I don't know why he continued this infighting with so many in the same field.

In this man on the street edition, he speaks to the public, trolling the idea of reptilians. That's how I feel anyway, share your thoughts, more so if you think differently.

Mark Dice man on the street Monday's:
The Illuminati are Alien-Human Shapeshifting Hybrid Reptillians Who Drink Blood at Bohemian Grove

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Default What is Mark Dice doing here?

Hello, all!

What is Mark Dice doing? I don't mind Mark Dice at all. Yes, he has his flaws being very negative at times but he does have his pros as-well. I do like the information he provides on his Youtube channel, whether its significant or not, I see it as more data for me.

Anyways, he has a thing about David Icke and the Reptilian Agenda. Which is all fine and all because not everyone will accept or understand everything but what is he doing here? Is he trying to discredit David Icke and the whole Interdimensionals/Reptilians, not only from David Icke's work but a vast amount of other researchers as-well.

What is the point of this? Is he expecting a tidal wave of angry, hateful or passionate comments/supporters or intriguers of the deeper levels of the 'conspiracy?'. Is he expecting one of them to make a thread on the DI Forums so he could check himself/use it as some evidence for a reaction-type video?

Me personally, I see it from a point of observation that he can do whatever he likes, unless he is imposing his will on another sentient life. But I also see it as someone whos not only a reflection on what he despises or becoming Alex Jones, but acting very senseless and useless in the way we should be handling things. I actually thought he would be more mature/grown up.

I am confidence in the deepers levels to be true and not offended really by Mark's actions but he is doing nothing for himself and for anyone else really.

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testing the waters

i dont know what agenda hes trying to push
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A few years back he was interviewing Lynne Pickett about her book on lucifer, she was not even ten mins into the interview without him taking the piss out of her, she had to cut of the interview there and then. From then on I disliked him. He turns on everyone. I think he fell out with Alex jones as well. He may bring forth good info but he has a big ego and if any one thinks differently, he will turn on them.
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What do you expect from a christian fundamentalist (:
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I think that Mark Dice is an arsewipe. I once watched a video where he wished Pop singer Kesha DEAD!! What kind of person says something like that?! The man has major evil in his heart. I won't watch any of his stuff anymore!

I believe that he is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION!

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dice, mark dice, reptilian agenda

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