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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
My understanding of the Nazi camps , and those run by Stalin in Russia is they were a cover for selling people off world ....This comes from the best source we have , Andrew Bartzis.

Humans are the most prized commodity we have to trade , still to this day ... And hitler was working with the rep ETs .. getting high tech assistance , use of an Antarctic base , all he had to trade were humans ...

Of course many hundreds of thousands did die , to cause an exodus of jews to Israel , and give them cover in the future ( don't criticize israel or jews ... your not a NAZI are you?) ....

But most would have been traded , ending up as food , slaves , or made into cyborgs.
And then reprogrammed and send back in time so it seems nothing happened right? You seriously need to stop listening to that guy.
The 5 laws of creation:
1. You exist
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Originally Posted by eurosianguy View Post
And then reprogrammed and send back in time ....
That's right , you've got the idea ...it's usually a "20 and back" deal ...you work 20 years off world , then mind wiped , de aged and put back on earth back to the time you were taken but it's not just Corey Goode ... we have around a dozen or more extremely credible men and women who all tell the same story.

We now have a very clear picture what it's like off world ....10 million humans , just on Mars , that were taken from Earth most are slaves!


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Lightbulb Pediculus

Humanus Yumanus..

Roy Harper & Elizabeth Sacrifice..

Elisabeth Born in Paris as Elisabeth Pelletier de Chambure, into a wealthy Catholic family whose roots were in the Burgundy region..Her ancestors included the Napoleonic generalLaurent Augustin Pelletier de Chambure..Known as Lily, she was the daughter of Auguste Pelletier de Chambure, a mayor of Escrignelles, and his wife, née Camille Marie Courtois Desquibes..On 22 January 1934, immediately after her divorce from her first husband, Elisabeth married Rothschild, a member of the prominent banking family and the owner of one of France's most famous vineyards, Château Mouton Rothschild in Pauillac in the Médoc.. The bride converted to Judaism from Catholicism, and the religious ceremony was conducted by Julien Weill, the grand rabbi of Paris..In addition to their daughter, the Rothschilds had a son, Charles Henri..

Red Cross arrived at Ravensbrück in April 1945..

Following the German occupation of France in World War II, she and her then-estranged husband were arrested by the Vichy government and the vineyard property seized..They were then released whereupon Philippe left France, moving to England, to join the Free French Forces and supported General Charles de Gaulle..In 1941, the Gestapo arrested Elisabeth on charges of attempting to cross the line of demarcation with a forged permit and sent her to Ravensbrück concentration camp, located about 50 miles north of Berlin..Elisabeth reportedly died of epidemic typhus on 23 March 1945 at Ravensbrück..Her second husband's memoir, however, states that she was thrown into a concentration-camp oven, alive..She was the only Rothschild to die in the Holocaust or during World War II..

Damien Omen II Soundtrack 24 = Runaway Train II-Former SS Commandants' house + Perhaps I should ask for a swap..

Adolf Hitler approved a formal withdrawal across the Rhine, but by that time all German forces who were going to make it back had already gone..At night the Western Allies began Operation Plunder, the crossing of the Rhine..U.S. and Filipino troops captured San Fernando on Luzon..It included the Varsity parachute and glider landings near Wesel, and Operation Archway, by the Special Air Service..The first part of Plunder was initiated by the 51st (Highland) Infantrye Division, led by the 7th Battalion, Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of 154th Brigade..The Indian 20th Infantry Division took Wundwin, Burma..The word talwar originated from the Sanskrit word taravari which means one-edged sword, to defend the Saddle against the Japanese Yamamoto Force...The division was disbanded in India in 1946...
https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...&postcount=135Now, you've got to listen to me..You have any idea what you'd have to look forward to if you stayed here..Nine chances out of ten, we'd both wind up in a concentration camp...https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...&postcount=135

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Arrow Architect


Do they even have a hell?..

A projective plane consists of a set of lines, a set of points, and a relation between points and lines called incidence..A subplane of a projective plane is a subset of the points of the plane which themselves form a projective plane with the same incidence relations..Projectivization of the Euclidean plane produced the real projective plane...A vanishing point can be seen at the far end of this railroad...

They do now..We provide it..

There are another 20,000, at least, waiting for similar evacuation..

The former Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz is attracting so many visitors people may have to be turned away, staff there have warned..More than a million people, mostly Jews, died at Auschwitz, in Nazi-occupied Poland, during World War Two..Since its liberation by Soviet soldiers, attendances had already been growing, with a record 1.5m people visiting in 2014 - In mathematics, the projective special linear group PSL(2, 7) is a finite simple group that has important applications in algebra, geometry, and number theory..

Vanishing Point - Kowalski & Charlotte Rampling..

Auschwitz I was first constructed to hold Polish political prisoners, who began to arrive in May 1940..The first extermination of prisoners took place in September 1941.. Auschwitz II–Birkenau went on to become a major site of the Nazis' Final Solution to the Jewish Question during the Holocaust..An estimated 1.3 million people were sent to the camp, of whom at least 1.1 million died..Others deported to Auschwitz included 150,000 Poles, 23,000 Romani and Sinti, 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war, 400 Jehovah's Witnesses, and tens of thousands of others of diverse nationalities, including an unknown number of homosexuals..In the course of the war, the camp was staffed by 7,000 members of the German Schutzstaffel (SS)..The first mass transport to Auschwitz concentration camp, which included Catholic prisoners, suspected members of the resistance, and 20 Jews, arrived from the prison in Tarnów, Poland, on 14 June 1940..In October 1941 Bischoff arrived in Auschwitz, where he became chief of the Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and the Police Auschwitz in Upper Silesia (for i. Zentralbauleitung der Waffen SS und Polizei, Auschwitz O/S) that had to implement the planned enlargement of the concentration camp by the creation of a POW camp, which itself later became part of the Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp..A vanishing point is a point on the image plane of a perspective drawing where the 2-dimensional perspective projections of mutually parallel lines in 3-dimensional space appear to converge..Pietro Perugino's use of perspective in the Delivery of the Keys fresco at the Sistine Chapel (1481–82) helped bring the Renaissance to Rome...
https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...&postcount=188It's a strange thing, the first time you cut a man..Realize we are nothing but sacks of meat, blood and some bone to keep it all standing..Death is so final, yet life is full of possibilities..We're grateful to have good, strong men like you protecting us..Give my regards to the Night's Watch..I'm sure it will be thrilling to serve in such an elite force...https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...&postcount=266

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Lightbulb Irving

V Penguin Books Ltd..
Eastenders Part One - On 5 September 1996, Irving filed a libel suit concerning Deborah Lipstadt's book Denying the Holocaust in English court.. He named in his suit Lipstadt and Penguin Books, whose division Plume had published a British edition of her book..From 1937 the HQ of Penguin Books was at Harmondsworth west of London and so it remained until the 1990s when a merger with Viking involved the head office moving into London 27 Wrights Lane, W8 5TZ.. Other titles published by Penguin which gained media attention, and controversy, include Massacre by Siné, Spycatcher, which was suppressed in the UK by the government for a time, and The Satanic Verses, leading to its author Salman Rushdie having to go into hiding for some years after Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran issued a Fatwa..Liqa Ma'al Arab - Penguin Island is one of the smaller of the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica - Penguin Island Novel longest-running plot thread, and probably the best known, satirizes the Dreyfus affair - A part about a country called "New Atlantis" and its capital Gigantopolis is clearly intended as a satire on the United States, when it launched the Original Penguin golf shirt..The Russians surveyed the islands and named them, landing on both King George and Island..Several countries maintain research stations on the islands..

Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene, Pt. 4..

1996 September 5 - Hurricane Fran makes landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina as a Category 3 storm with 115 mph (185 km/h) sustained winds causing over $3,000,000,000 in damages and killed 27 people, mainly in North Carolina - Belgium mourns the death of two girls, the latest victims of an international paedophile ring as excavations continue in the search for 12 other missing children..The investigation drags on for years amid allegations that it is being deliberately stalled - Triple Crown Championship Match Day 14 - Tokyo, Japan, Nippon Budokan - The US denies reports that more missiles have been fired and several people have been killed in Iraq following international criticism of the attacks..Secretary of State Warren Christopher travels to Europe in a bid to rally support - WKBD-TV Detroit Kids Commercials - There were 3 crew members and 2 passengers on Flight 1406 fedex fourteen zero six that's affirmative .. the lights are all the way up - Benjamin Netanyahu breaks an election promise by shaking the hand of Yasser Arafat at their first talks - Vintage Letterman..

Batman Returns - The Penguin's Plan Scene..

Lipstadt hired the British solicitor Anthony Julius to present her case.. Penguin hired Davenport Lyons libel specialists Kevin Bays and Mark Bateman.. Together they briefed the libel barrister, Richard Rampton QC.. Penguin also instructed Heather Rogers as junior barrister. Penguin knew that they were going to have to dig deep to defend against Irving's claims - Anthony Robert Julius (16 July 1956) is a British solicitor advocate and academic, known among other things for his actions on behalf of Diana, Princess of Wales when she divorced Charles, Prince of Wales in 1996.. Between 2011- 2014 he was chairman of the board of The Jewish Chronicle..He was Vice-President of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, until it closed in 2012 - Davenport Lyons was a London-based law firm that entered into administration on 25 April 2014.. Davenport Lyons had been accused of trying to extort money from people for alleged copyright infringement, they were best known for their involvement in the case of a London tailor near Savile Row..Rampton's earlier cases include Andrew Neil (editor of The Sunday Times) vs Peregrine Worsthorne, Lord Aldington vs Count Nikolai Tolstoy and Gillian Taylforth vs News of the World.. He also successfully represented politician George Galloway against The Daily Telegraph over allegations that he took £375,000 from Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime..Evans has appeared regularly on a number of TV documentaries related to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich..Adolfo is a Brazilian municipality located in the interior of the state of São Paulo...
https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...0&postcount=45There is nothing in the dark that isn't there in the light..Except fear..Every man..every man has to go through hell to reach paradise..You know what paradise is?..Salvation..Go on, tell me some more about that time when you were Queen of the Veiled Prophet's Ball..what the hell are you talking about?..I was there..At the house...https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...&postcount=157

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Arrow A Denial


Deborah Lipstadt was born in New York City, the daughter of Miriam (née Peiman; 1915–2013) and Erwin Lipstadt (1903–1972)..Her mother was born in Canada, and her father, a salesman, was born in Germany..Her parents met at their neighbourhood synagogue.. She has an older sister, Helen, a historian, and a younger brother, Nathaniel, an investor on Wall Street...She studied at the Hebrew Institute of Long Island, and grew up in Far Rockaway, Queens..On September 11, Hudson sailed into the Upper New York Bay..In late 2011, Lipstadt attacked American and Israeli politicians for what she called their invocation of the Holocaust for contemporary political purposes, something she thought mangled history..She has also rejected the view that Israeli military actions during the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict constituted a genocide on the same level as the Holocaust Release date US 30 September 2016..

Denial Movie Clip - Classroom ..

Friday 30 September 2016 - Hurricane Matthew becomes a category-5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds up to 160 mph.. It is expected to impact parts of Haiti, Jamaica and eastern Cuba - Ten thousand pro-government troops, mostly Iranian-led Shiite militants, amass near Aleppo in preparation of a final assault on rebel-held parts of the city..Syrian Observatory says war has killed more than half a million - France conducts airstrikes against ISIL positions in Iraq from the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle - China arrests a man, Yang Qingpei, for killing his parents and then killing 17 neighbors in Kunming..The youngest victim was 3, the oldest 72..They were members of 6 families - Oscar Brand was born to a Jewish family in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup, the first ever FIFA women’s football tournament in the Middle East, kicks off in Jordan - The Obama administration through the US Department of Justice lowers the fine against Germany's Deutsche Bank to a settlement of US$5.4 billion after being handed a demand for up to $14 billion over the sale of toxic mortgage bonds - Alabama Court of the Judiciary finds Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice (27th and 31st) Roy Moore guilty of 6 charges of violation of canon of judicial ethics - President Rodrigo Duterte likens himself to Adolf Hitler saying he would "be happy" to kill 3 million drug users and dealers in the country - The European Space Agency's Rosetta space probe ends its 12-year mission studying comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko in a "collision maneuver" into the comet's surface..you probably won’t see the moon because it’s at the new moon phase..The second of two new moons in a single calendar month is sometimes called a Black Moon..Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight, Will?..

Denial Official Trailer 1..

David Irving and his twin brother Nicholas were born in Hutton, near Brentwood, Essex, England..During World War II, Irving's father was an officer aboard the light cruiser HMS Edinburgh..On 30 April 1942, while escorting Convoy QP 11 in the Barents Sea, the ship was badly damaged by the German submarine U-456..Two days later she was attacked by surface craft, and now beyond recovery was abandoned and scuttled by a torpedo from HMS Foresight.. Irving's father survived, but severed all links with his wife and children after the incident.."Unlike the Americans, we English suffered great deprivations ... we went through childhood with no toys.. We had no kind of childhood at all.. We were living on an island that was crowded with other people's armies"..The number of deaths in the bombing raids may never be known...After serving as editor of the University of London Carnival Committee's journal, Irving left for West Germany, where he worked as a steelworker in a Thyssen AG steel works..He then moved to Spain, where he worked as a clerk at an air base, and met his first wife, a Spanish woman..Convoy QP 11 was an Arctic Convoy of World War II, made up of merchant ships returning from the Soviet Union to Britain after delivering their cargo to the Soviet Union..QP 11 consisted of 13 merchant ships, mostly British or American, including 5 ships that had been a part of Convoy PQ 13..In the early morning light U-456 was caught on the surface by an RAF Coastal Command Liberator bomber of 86 Squadron operating out of Northern Ireland, as she circled ahead of convoy HX 237...
https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...&postcount=168You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you?..They're just everyday casualties of war..You don't seem to want to accept the fact you're dealing with an expert in guerrilla warfare..A survivor..unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality..What have you in mind, Herr Flick?...https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...&postcount=225

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Lightbulb You asked me once, what was in Room 101

I told you that you knew the answer already..

Ordinary Men..

Fatherland 1994 HQ..

Reserve Police Battalion 101 was a Nazi German paramilitary formation of Ordnungspolizei (Order Police, abbreviated as Orpo), serving under the control of the SS by law..Formed in Hamburg, it was deployed in September 1939 along with the Wehrmacht army in the invasion of Poland.. Initially, the Police Battalion 101 (Polizeibataillon 101) guarded Polish prisoners of war behind German lines, and carried out expulsion of Poles, called "resettlement actions", in the new Warthegau territory around Poznan and Lodz..A total number of 17 police battalions were deployed by the Orpo during the invasion of Poland in 1939.. Following the personnel change and retraining from May 1941 until June 1942, it became a major perpetrator of the Holocaust in occupied Poland..Browning is best known for his 1992 book Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland, a study of German Ordnungspolizei (Order Police) Reserve Unit 101..As presented in the study, the men of Unit 101 were not ardent Nazis but ordinary middle-aged men of working class background from Hamburg, who had been drafted but found ineligible for regular military duty..The first mass killing of 3,000 Jews by the German police occurred in Bialystok on 12 July 1941 in the formerly Russian zone of occupied Poland, followed by the Bloody Sunday massacre of 10,000-12,000 Jews by the Reserve Police Battalion 133, perpetrated in (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)Stanislawow on 12 October 1941 with the aid of SiPo and the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police..Inner and Outer Party members are under constant telescreen surveillance in both private and public; by contrast, proles' quarters are generally free of telescreens as the Party does not care to observe them.. Proles who desire telescreens can purchase them, although they are expensive..Their functions are simple: work and breed..

1984 Winston and O'Brien's first meeting..

Commando Unit 101 was a special forces unit of the Israeli Defense Forces , founded and commanded by Ariel Sharon on orders from Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in August 1953..The creation of Unit 101 was a major landmark in the Israeli Special Forces history..Members of the unit were recruited exclusively from agricultural kibbutzim and moshavim, with the view that only those who were raised as farmers on the land had the spirit to defend it..Membership in the unit was by invitation only, and any new member had to be voted on by all existing members before they were accepted..The recruits went on forced marches and undertook weapons and sabotage training at their base camp at Sataf, a depopulated Arab village just west of Jerusalem..Sharon was given the rank of Major and chosen to command the company-sized unit, with Shlomo Baum as deputy in command..According to Yoav Gelber, after one month of training a patrol of Unit 101 infiltrated into the Gaza Strip as an exercise..Some sources estimate that a result of the infiltration was 20 killed Arabs.. Unit 101 suffered 2 wounded soldiers..The raid was heavily condemned by foreign observers, who called it "an appalling case of deliberate mass murder", and was publicly criticized in the Israeli cabinet by at least one minister..Two months later, in October, the unit was involved in the raid into the village of Qibya in the northern West Bank, then a part of Jordan..Operating within the brigade, they carried out a large-scale attack on the Egyptian army positions in the Gaza strip during February 1955.. Sharon personally led the raid, codenamed Operation Black Arrow.. It resulted in 42 Egyptian soldiers killed and 36 wounded, versus 8 Israeli dead..Egyptian shock over the magnitude of their losses is often cited as one of the catalysts for the Soviet-Egyptian arms deal that opened the Middle East to the Soviet Union...In various ways the Sayeret Matkal combined the operational experience gathered by Unit 101 and utilised the structure of the British Special Air Service...
https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...9&postcount=71There are things in the universe billions of years older than either of our races..We have adequate warships for protection, and they're prepared to set forth as soon as we arrive..So much gets shipped up from Earth on commercial transports it's hard to keep them out..You think you can come to my hotel and take over?...https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...postcount=3024

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Lightbulb Guten Abend

That night, penetrating deep into the of Transylvania..

The sights of ’60s Manchester..

The "White Buses" (Vita bussarna) was an operation undertaken by the Swedish Red Cross and the Danish government in the spring of 1945 to rescue concentration camp inmates in areas under Nazi control and transport them to Sweden, a neutral country..Although the operation was initially targeted at saving citizens of Scandinavian countries, it rapidly expanded to include citizens of other countries..

This cocaine is f***ing great!' - The Who + Magic Bus - Live At Leeds HQ..

Red & White evolved into Red & White United Transport Ltd, formed in 1937, which owned buzz and road freight companies in the United Kingdom and southern Africa..Expansion continued in the Second World War..The term"white buses" originates from the buses having been painted white With red crosses, to avoid confusion with Military vehicles - The Bloodbus: Tales from the Glasgow Night Bus..The Driver knows them all..

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) Rats HD..

He got 140 Phillipinos in one plane crash last year..Remember that EarthQuake in ltaly last spring?..

The Baltic German Felix Kersten was Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler's personal masseur..He lived in Stockholm and acted as an intermediary between the Swedish foreign department and Himmler.. Walter Schellenberg, a trusted subordinate of Himmler, had long held the view that Germany would lose the war and encouraged Himmler to explore the possibility of a separate peace treaty with the Western powers; in this Sweden could be a useful intermediary - Due to a technicians' strike during Season 4, se7en of the 13 episodes were made in black and white rather than color + 36 ambulance buses...
https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...9&postcount=70God doesn't ask if we accept this life..In the course of which he had journeyed throughout Central Europe for years accompanied by his one and only faithful disciple, Alfred, the Old Norse for elf...https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...&postcount=610

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