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Originally Posted by entrangermercenary View Post
Well I was going to use tin mines to dump bodies in and rubbish....
At 600,000 Calories per body!

Get yer Hannibal Cookbook out.

"Nice leg of councillor, only 5 spuds a kilo!
Get yer shoulder of copper, 5 onions a Kilo!
Nice bit-o-rump. Slice it thin madam?
That's 1 dozen eggs please.
Finger lickin' snacks for the kids sir?
Ere! Suck on this miss!"
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Originally Posted by lynfowars View Post
Provided I don't insist on lrge Cod or Pollack every cast, I can pretty much guarantee I will come home from a sea shore fishing trip with enough fish to feed a family - 365 days come sun or snow.

My secret - a beachcaster rod that cast 8 ounces (for stormy, windy days) and enough skill in casting 100yd plus. Lots of supplies of line & hooks -bait is available 365 days a year (crabs, mussels, lugwoms) or feathered hooks.

In the Summer, I often go home after just 10 minutes with too much fish to carry! like 20-30 large mackerel (2.5 - 3.5 Lbs in weight). I smoke them and they last for ages. Salt them and they last almost for ever. Even in the depths of winter, I cannot avoid catching coalfish - tasty as heck and great for fishcakes.

Of course, the REAL big secret is knowing where to fish - but that must remain a secret to those who find these places.

Learn to shore-beachcast and fish - it is the only guaranteed way of fish 365 days. Rivers and inshore ponds are too low stocked and can be enforced. The shoreline cannnot -especially at night -when fishing there is best anyway.

Just for info if you are keen. I also rate an air-rifle as 'must have'.
as a very keen angler myself i know what you mean, and knowing a good mark is a must. having said that some of the food found on the sea sure , what we would call bait ( mussels, prawns, peelers ect) is t as tasty and nutricious
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surviving in the uk is overrated....pls kill me!!!
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I have bought 3 books about edible wild plants in UK. I took a 20 minute stroll down a dirt track near my home and found 4 of them
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Originally Posted by entrangermercenary View Post
Lets just blow this survival myth out the water a bit. The country side in the UK is pretty shit for food ie meat. Lets rephrase that its ok for a few hunters with air rifles or other light weapons as the countryside is Now.
So when the shit goes down where are all the city dwellers likely to look for safe haven or to get out of the towns " the countryside "
So now we have to look at forested areas with a sustainable food chain deer, wild boar ,squirrels, bunnies or basically any thing that moves. Then when we bang a few million people into these areas u ain't going for a shit unless its on someones head A few million would imo be a conservative estimate because huge amounts of the population in various cities would be on the move out of them. AHH but what about the mountains, moors or plains Well I don't know how many on here have actually tried to survive in these places for a few weeks as it is now without people every where it isn't like the films !!
Then the weather ffs.What a shitter that is, wet day after wet day , no where to dry your clothes but by lying on them.Where does the Fuel for fires or cooking come from?? unless you want to eat cold food for weeks on end. That's just the fucking summer

Then the winter comes, been lucky in the Uk for quite a few years, been pretty mild but always a rogue winter around the corner ie last year.
That just amplifies everything. Igloos yep warmer than the minus 20 outside and sheltered from the wind but still freezing. A tip never share an igloo with some prick that smokes if you dont smoke, it ain't good.
Me I live in the country side 9 miles from the nearest town on a msr. What would I do if the shit hit the fan.... Pray

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