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Default To old to be on the Net

Articles I have read that have been scuttled that have bearing on current events.

First Arc lamps 5 to 7 times brighter than the sun used in Alaska by rescue teams.

Next, Lasers ganged into a reflective chamber by tubes and lense to be used as a DEW.

A new one for you



What I am getting at is this. We have long had the technology to fire a weapon to start fires. Forget about the old mining arc lamps that had to have the arc length adjusted and think a bulb. Think high tech! The light source does not need to be coherent such as the output of a laser. These arc lamps could have a wide spectrum and be condensed and lensed to create a high powered beam that could start fires like the ones in California and Greece. This is only one type of weapon that could have been used. It could be on a plane or it could be in space. It could be also, the weapon that was fired at a UFO from pine gap. I would imagine that, that information is no longer on the net.

These weapons are internationally illegal. This is now international, USA and Greece. God knows where else it has been used. We have to find them and the people behind them and put a stop to the use. It is at beforeitsnews.com right now a house cut a a perfect straight line. One third of it is standing with no damage.
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My mate got a laser pen, took it apart and added lenses and ended up with something powered with a small battery that would burn wood as soon as it touched it.
Just imagine whats possible with better equipment.
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