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Default 'WakingLife'

has anyone seen this movie?

it is very interesting and thought provoking, and its theme is lucid dreaming / reality....but it is a Fox pictures production (propoganda!) and has some questionable moments.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

the movie is on google videos if youre interested


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infinite tea
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Great film.....ALL IS DREAM.

The dreamer IS the dream :-)
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yeah i have see it but it dosn't make a lot of sense, the most weired part is when that boy floats in the air, that was a wtf moment.
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I've seen this movie. I've had moments in life that I could picture making it into this movie. Moments that were taunting me, almost. Saying "life is fleeting, enjoy it while you can" and forcing me to recognize that reality is stranger than fiction. After all that is said and done with, it places me back into my life gently, leaving me with this feeling like I could imagine better. Kind of depressing and kind of exciting.

Anyone watch 'What the Bleep Do We Know Anyway?'
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i like richard linklater's movies, i only recently saw waking life on IFC a few weeks back, few days ago i had my first lucid dreams, i kept waking up like the main charecter only to realise i was dreaming , i flew, went through walls, but after waking for 4-5th time i found it hard to walk like the ether scene from fear and loathing in las vegas.strange expirence...
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Originally Posted by leon11 View Post
...but it is a Fox pictures production (propoganda!) and has some questionable moments.
Hey leon11,

Could you explain exactly what 'moments' you are referencing please, thanks?

And what specific 'propaganda' could you expand upon, so it may be easily understood and clear what you mean?


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