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Default "Out of Matrix" technologies

Hello everybody,
after posting an article about the Matrix, a lot of people were interested in the effectiveness of my Out of Matrix course.
I have updated my web page text about the course with new information, so that you can have a clearer picture how it works and what differs it from other methods dealing with the "Matrix reality".
Shortly, the idea for this course came from the fact that information or awareness of the Matrix - its origin, structure and so on - is not enough to free yourself from it. There is a strong emotional or psychoenergetic connection with the Matrix. Until we deconstruct the subtle psychoenergetic bonds with the collective unconscious or the Matrix (for me they are the same thing), we cannot be really free from it's influence.
Namely, the basic human need is to be connected in a healthy way with other forms of life and systems of living. The strongest of those needs is to be healthy connected with family members, even if those people are very different than we are. On the basis of healthy family connections we form every other connection - friendships, partnerships, business, or the connection with a society as a whole. Therefore, we have a strong and natural need to be connected with the humanity as a whole. We cannot deny or neglect that motivation and that's why even those of us who are aware of the Matrix still have a need to communicate to other people, to socialize and exchange information, energy and love.
I will repeat - the basic human need is to be connected to others (not disconnected), so to be able to express unconditional love to each other, both individually and collectively. But, the humanity also has it's unconscious aspect and with connecting to it we usually automatically pick up most of its negative aspects.
So, there is a relationship with the Matrix that has to be transformed, and every relationship is both rational and irrational, mental and emotional, with the emotional and unconscious part being far more important and stronger then the mental or rational one.
The way to free yourself from the limiting and destructive aspects of the Matrix is to first know that it exists, who creates it and why, how it functions and how it is structured. But, the next phase has to be the transformation of the so called "toxic bonds" with the Matrix as a system, and you need to know how to do it in a thorough way. That's why I have created a course which is based on my "relationship work". That's why this course is an advanced one, aimed for people who already know how to transform unhealthy connections established on the individual basis.
We usually connect with the Matrix during the pre-natal phase, while incarnating fully into the physical body and reality. Accepting all of the aspects of the reality we are coming to is necessary, together with its limiting aspects. In order to survive in that reality, we need to adapt, to blend in. We do not have the luxury to come here as a pure, whole and conscious being - we usually need to give up or disconnect some of our essential qualities in order to be accepted as a part of the reality we are coming to. Later on all of us have the opportunity to transform unhealthy connections with that reality into the healthy ones, therefore freeing ourselves from the Matrix and its rule.
That needs to be done in a complete way - not only intellectually, but also emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Transforming the unhealthy connections has to be accompanied by the so called "soul retrieval" process, or reintegration of the lost parts, aspects or qualities of our Soul, that we have given up during the reincarnation process. And finally, according to our basic need to be connected, we also need to re-establish healthy connections with the collective (un)consciousness, or the Soul of the humanity.
The results of this work are great.

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