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if you're told they're falling apart, then you don't see them as a threat. simple. propagandha. bullshit.
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Arrow sharpen that polemic, you need it.

Originally Posted by icke_is_right View Post
I'm afraid you've missed the point with these comments. The reason that I got into this was because of my interest in Gold and what was happening it.

What you must realise is the the financial systems we use today are just numbers and paper. Money isn't real. This is why some people are moving their wealth into Gold and other precious metals. Unfortunately it is my belief that this horrible lot have hoarded most of it in places out of our view. The US have not audited their own gold since the 1950's!

Concerning the Iraq War. They are profiting and we are paying.

All the smart money will be out of paper and in things that the Illuminati 'know' are valuable.

I would be particularly interested in the supposed underground cities that have been built. This is where I'd be investing if I had the choice right now!


everything is real.
even false things are real.

but i get your point.
even illusions are real. lies are real, they have their value.

the idea i want to convey is -- you have the right approach,
but Bushcon shrugs, smirks, and say privately 'damn straight we're liars. but if people will put up with us, we rule and the truth speakers are fucked.'

i watched on Home Shopping Net -
they had six individual dollar coins from a certain era.
in a nice box. selling them for $239 a pop. my brain started boiling in its pan as i realised the sheer INSANITY of it -- they were SELLING MONEY.

this time we're at now, this place in human development -- i wish i could fast forward to what has been talked about by Icke, and also the person who wrote The Celestine Prophecies, because basically -- BushCon, the manipulated value of global currency -

all those are like the angel with the flaming sword banning us from getting into paradise. it gets weird and all the religions sort of get out of the way as there is One unifying truth that the p. o. e. e. people recognize, the "bridge from pisces to aquarius."

but they fight to stay in power with lies that are meant to be debilitating,
all manner of seductions meant to make us look away from the beauty of the human species and the role we play in nature.

so when you say "money's not real" --

rather than say that you are just wrong, i would rather point out the mild weakness in the way that you make your point, because - well, i wonder if you see what i mean...

Dictionary: polemic


  1. A controversial argument, especially one refuting or attacking a specific opinion or doctrine.
  2. A person engaged in or inclined to controversy, argument, or refutation.
adj. also po·lem·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) Of or relating to a controversy, argument, or refutation.
[French polémique, from Greek polemikos, hostile, from polemos, war.]
polemically po·lem'i·cal·ly adv.
the most evil and stupid people want to keep the world a basically guilt-oriented and slavelike place...it is the people who realise that slavery is related to war and money who have to be able to get their point of view forward, or we could be stuck at this place for DECADES...the better world is right there tempting us, that's what i think.
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Great post Cruise4

I might as well try to add a bit to the list:

Wesley Snipes made a stand, and stopped paying taxes in the US, after finding out about the flaw in the US law about it. They say he lost, but looking closer at it, he actually got off with most of it, only having to pay a few fees in comparrison to the amount he hadnt payed Although he might be facing 3 years of jail time, he proved that the taxation is a scam, at least in the US. In other countries they have probably made it in a different way as far as I know.

And many old secrets seems to be comming out in the open, and mainstream. Its not as much about "The eye" loosing power, as much as it is about power returning to the people. The occult secrets that they have been hiding from everyone for millenia are comming out, and more and more people are figuring out how to use ancient science / mythology / religion to practial applications today.

Zero point energy seems to be about to come forth as well, more and more people are figuring out new and old ways to use ZPE, and they cant keep hiding the information about it.

When it comes to psychic abilities they also seem to become more and more apparant. Stronger and stronger senses beyond the first 5 are getting more and more obvious. People openly using telekinesis, telepathy and healing. Astral projection used to see far away places. The US have even managed to have a psychic project and observe objects in space, and have it confirmed later by satalite and images from space.
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