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This is an addendum to my post for The Running Man (1987)

Originally Posted by new_world_vistas View Post

Top right, the number 119 (911 backwards) can be seen. Coincidently, the Illuminati's signature number 222 can be seen underneath too. They ALWAYS leave their mark and other cryptic clues on anything they are involved with. Sometimes they do it covertly and sometimes they do it overtly. I guess they watched too many Batman TV episodes in the 60's, if you get what I mean *wink*

Look down the "Gate" column. The number 119 can be seen three times.
For the second image quoted above: Look at the row (second one up from the bottom) containing the third 119. The number 1531 appears at the start of that row. Doing number reduction on that number (1+5+3+1=10=1+0=1) gives us the number 1. So, 1 and 119 read backwards gives us 9/11/1 or 09/11/01 as per usual.

Lastly, a couple of extra images: These can only be seen when stepping through the film frame by frame. Look at the number 101109 below the "X:POS" heading. Ignore the zeros and flip it backwards and we get 9, 11 and 1 or 09/11/01 in date format MM/DD/YY...

...then the camera slowly zooms out from the screen to reveal two identical screens (twins). Note the number 000911 under the "Z:POS" heading, bottom right of both screens. Coincidently, at this particular moment, one of the characters says "Damon [Killian], you didn't have to kill him." to which Killian replies "It's all a part of life's rich pattern, Brenda.... and you better fucking get used to it". That sounds like a subtle verbal reference to the 9/11 disaster before it happened.
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Snake Pliskin lands a glider on one of the towers in Escape from New York.
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