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Default Another rant from a follower of peace!

The Nameless War. The book they said would never be written.
It's a small book, but it says so much!
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tom bombadil
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Well, I can understand his stance, but it should not stop there!

We can genocide the elite whites too! And the blacks! And the yellows! And the [insert creed here] fanatic (thats ALL the fuckers from ALL creeds)

Just leave me, myself and i , sitting there, all freckle faced and free spirited.

I am shocked actually! This dude is tenured!
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Originally Posted by tom bombadil View Post

I am shocked actually! This dude is tenured!
Well of course he's tenured.....

In case anyone is wondering what this tread is about (very misleading title) ..

" Muslim Professor at CA University: “Genocide” of White Racists “Morally Required” ..."

This is a muslim"professor" who thinks all whites are evil racists and should all be killed ...

We all know the NWO has control of education ...chooses insane people like this to stir up racial hatred ...

they want a race war in America

Same as they did in charlottesville ...paid idiots bused in to fight so there's an excuse for martial law ....

The good news is this is all going nowhere ...americans are all too distracted or sensible to get involved ... and even with soros's unlimited money they can hardly get a 100 people to riot ...lol

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