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Default SNP in "even" stronger position after Tridant result

SNP voted yesterday against Tridant, and had previously warned the "no" campaign about Westminsters Tridant policy, warnings which went ignored.

Over half the Scottish population, of which 49% are non religious and less than 31% are Christians, are against Tridant.

This now put SNP in an extremely strong position regarding a second referendum from Westminster.

The Tridant argument, backed up by the fact that Westminster sent westminster politicians up here at "no rallies" shouting through loud speakers that Scotland leaving Westminster would mean they would no longer be part of the EU, only to go off and hold Brexit talks, almost cements Scotlands case for a second referendum.

The third case, which has so far not arisen, is that Scotland, according to 2011 Census reports, has a national religion of "No religion", compaired to Englands 59% Christian, and only 24% no religion.

It is about time that the fact that Scotland and England have a completely different national religion, be used in the debate.

If Scots do not recognise the Monarchy as being Supreme, nor that Jesus walked on water and died for our sins, and that the armagedon is a prophecy that must be fulfilled, then it is not right that decisions are made on our behalf by people that do believe this.

Theresa May is a devout Anglican member of the Church of England and her father was an extremely well respected Church of England Clergyman. She should not be making decisions on behalf of a nation that is non religious.

Therefor. SNP need to use the Religious argument, as "this" is the argument that will "win".
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