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Default Orb vid recorded over Berkshire this morning

First post in this most fascinating forum

Following a few sightings since 2012 in the Berkshire sky of some very odd and silent objects (once was next to a pylon), i decided recently to make the most of the unusually clear bright blue skies and see if I could capture the orb/UFO phenomenon on video.
Not really expecting to catch an awful lot, I placed the camera 2 feet above ground to record 29 bursts of footage of the sky directly above. I was surprised to come across orbs flying at high speeds, sometimes hovering and this morning - one black orb seemingly 'activating' two white orbs that just appear out of nowhere. Some of these orbs were only visible when going painstakingly through each frame.
I've no real idea what they are but in just one day, I caught several of them on video. They are flying at high altitude and reaching impossible speeds.

The most interesting of the footage is all up on my channel and footage captured this morning can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNxH5gG0JPU

Hope some of you find it of interest
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I saw some large blue orbs in a tree near a monastry . I kept blinking but they didnt dissappear. I had the distinct feeling that they wanted to be seen. I asked someone who lived nearby and they said that the tree was significant to 'that kind of thing'. I had no camera on me of course.
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Welcome my friend!!!

YES Orbs are quite real.....Spirituals beings in travel..... No reason to be afraid

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I have photo's of orbs, noticed the first ones a few years ago. Always taken in the same room and roughly in the same space. Here is the most recent one (taken today) alongside one taken seconds earlier.
Attached Images
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Default Mine are E ts/I ds.

Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
Welcome my friend!!!

YES Orbs are quite real.....Spirituals beings in travel..... No reason to be afraid
Most of my orbs are E ts.

BUT i do have some that are clearly different so i'm thinking those are spirits or angels.
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From the brilliant research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett is this video alleging the burial site of The Ark (I think it is actually an electrical arc across the two wings) Of The Covenant for the Richplanet shows. Richard D Hall is shown at 12' 40 describing his experience of obtaining permission to access the site when mauve coloured orbs and a rectangular disc type object appears with the mauve rays emanating from each corner akin to masonic regalia...but then it seems to fade away..

There is also a laser type 'sun' beam that seems to be emitting from the side of the hill.. ??

jpg images


ffwd 12' 39'

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okay new to this.i have pics of several orange orbs,and no they were not chinese lanterns on new years.stepped out to watch fireworks and they were several all moving in formations and no they were not drones or fireworks.crazy new years the tracer bullets people firing was not as catching as the ufos.un idetified flying objects or orbs even the speed they was constant horizon to horizon.they had an interesting shape too.probably used the fireworks as distraction people not focusing on them the ones who did obably just said drones or crazy fireworks pics want to see.it was dark and really cold also did not have a zoom lens.can anyone bring me up to speed on orbs and will post pics
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orbs, photos

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