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Default MMA star Kimbo Slice passes on, aged 42

MMA star Kimbo Slice passes on, aged 42. One hell of a tough hombre, & a well respected sportsman. R.I.P. Kimbo.

Source: http://www.skysports.com/more-sports...-42-in-florida

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Wow, tough year.
Kimbo was a legend who did a lot to usher MMA into the mainstream and a pioneer in this age of social and digital media. He was a humble dude who came from nothing and gave his best shots in MMA... and you got to respect him.
RIP Kimbo!
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Damn, heart attack at 42...that is so sad. I am sorry to say but I don't think it was from eating too much KFC. A lot of guys who seem...unnaturally big...have those early heart attacks. Dude was mean and hungry and achieved worldwide notoriety and probably partied his ass off. More than most guys do in twice the years I'm sure.

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Sad news watched loads of his fights on you tube, he was even on
David Blaine's magic show a few years ago when Blaine asked him to
Punch him as hard as he could in the stomach, I think if I am correct
That's how Houdini died a punch to the stomach, he was also
On the Ufc show ultimate fighter, anyway despite him being
A street fighter he came across as a nice guy so sad news.

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Probably died because of the drugs he was taking.

Didn't know him to well but seems a nice guy. Some of his backyard/street fighting on Youtube is pretty funny to watch.

Deffo been a strange year, heck the past several, so many people dying, letalone the ones that aren't mentioned in the media, or anywhere.

May him RIP where ever he is.
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