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Question Could this be a sign of chakra-opening?

I have been on the spiritual way since more than 4 years in this reality but only from recent did I begin my practice of meditation. (Was a long way to read so many different documents from the age of 15, 'cuz I never really believed most of the bollocks taught in the school
So I slowly formed my own point of view before I read D I and found it perfectly suit.)

Basically I was trying to opening my third eye chakra but I mixed up the crown chakra and the third eye(thought they were the same and the 7th chakra was named something else). I practiced meditation with binaural music for the opening of the third eye and kept thinking "I'm going to open my crown chakra".
Already at the first time I saw white light with eyes closed. Knew that was normal so I went on. One week later I could hear some very clear, regular and slight buzzzzzzz sounds coming from inside of my brain during the meditation. So I thought that was a great progress

Suddenly one day I got an amazing experience:

It was even like a routine to firstly go though white light then the buzz and keep going with some intense white light
Usually I felt I only spent some seconds or longest one minute bathing in the intense white light because it would fade very fast. But that time instead of fading out, it became ULTRA intense, and suddenly lot of VERY INTENSE energy rushed from the top of my head then down to my chest and ended there like sea wave. At that very moment my eyeballs were rolling upside like those from the fainted people or dead(sry for my english but I hope you understand it). And my eyelids were rapidly winking or better I'd call it a spasm. At the same time I saw my own eyes (just knew it) on my eyelids with my eyes. well I wasn't sure about this "screen" was really my eyelids because of the spasm. The upper part of my back, my neck and my head were suddenly arching, I then got the feeling like an OBE was going to happen. But it didn't and this intense feeling disappeared after a while.

After this I tried to close my eyes to check if I could see anything on my eyelids and immediately I saw a black rhombus with shining rim. But after one or two blinks I didn't see anything more. Till now, nothing more.

Then there were some days I didn't meditate and now it is so difficult for me to even see the white light, because my brain keeps chatting and it was very difficult to focus on the breath. I'm wondering what has happened since that experience because I feel like being cut off from the state of meditaion.

But firstly my questions is as the title, what do you think of this experience? Is it an opening of my chakra?
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Welcome to the forum, helen...

many people will see many different things within meditation, and experience different sensations when their chakra's open.

Your experience will be very like others's experiences and unlike many more others - but what is important is that it was genuine to you

What is important is something i heard today, in a film - don't allow your ego to create illusions.

That is to say, just go with the flow that you are experiencing, don't hold onto to it, or try to make it something other than what it is, simply experience it as part of an inner awakening to a different freuency that is you - like opening a door to a deeper you, which allows you to grow and experience aspects on another level.

You can experience the beauty of a flower without taking the flower with you, without attaching to it

Realise then that you and the flower are one.

It is the same within meditation, experience it without attaching to it and you will come to realise that you and the meditation are one

And, above all: it is what it is. So, what is it?

What it is to you may not be what it is to someone else - but that doesn't make it any less, or any more.


Enjoy the ride.

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the way your process life in general and learn from it indicates how the chakras will open. its really important to know what chakra quality is what and meditate on its purpose. but you missed an opportunity , if you open one open them all and then keep them open , dont focus on only developing , say, the sacral chakra, there is equal power in every chakra for every purpose.
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