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Default Quarter Billion £ spent by local gov each year on gag orders

I know it's crazy. A none disclosure Agreement NDA (gag order) is where whistle blowers, yes that's right whistle blowers are paid of to keep their mouths shut about (you know, little things like corrupt managers, cronyism and harassment, sleazy back-scratching or managerial incompetence) and guess what? You - the tax payer are paying the bill.

Oh but wait! It gets better.

The Localism Act 2011, also abolished, and changes in the and the Local Audit and Accountability Act meaning there is no code of conduct to hold council officials to. They can basically treat you how they want and there's virtually nothing you can do about it.  

Oh but wait! It gets even better: Councils investigate themselves i.e. they now have an internal auditor that is (you guessed it) paid by the council to sniff around their managers. Hahahaha yeah I know, is that hilarious or what?

I have had recent experiences with my local council and I have seen first-hand how dodgy council officials are. I believe my evidence shows high chance of corrupt activity. I did have a meeting with the auditors, and my impression was, they were more interested in managers miss-spending than the suspicious activity I uncovered.

Over 200 million tax payers money spent every year to shut up whistle blowers is scary to contemplate what is going on behind closed doors at your local council.

I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences please.

So any way here are 2 links are to complain.



links about corruption in local government/councils





People scaremonger when they have no legitimate argument.
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Just shows how many secrets they are hiding.

Like we know, probably the public are only ever getting 5-10% of the truth in 1st world countries.

Shows you, that lack of knowledge, is something important the ptb want in the public.

Then use media, to portray gov and official work, being done, in ways they are not. The public learn most of what they know about gov, from tv and movies.

So this is not surprising.

If the public are only getting 5-10% of the truth in society, thats alot of people that are not telling people how it really works.

This also shows, why things like masonry is so important. Whats important, is that these people are used to keeping secrets, and why such people get jobs over others.

We can see from this little bit of news, gov, are concerned about the public knowing more then the 5-10% of what they give the public.
"You put 10 tonnes of proof in front of people, if they are not ready to accept an idea, they will not accept the proof. No amount of evidence will suffice to prove anything, it is the jury that will decide, and you are the jury."
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So true

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So true. The auditor claims the investigation will take about 2 months. I think he knows there's corruption. I gave him the evidence, and I know he already had a very short list of people to concentrate his investigation on. But I don't hold much hope of ever knowing the truth. What ever he discovers will be swept under the carpet. But if it is, I have a plan B. Plan B is this: I will spend my own money to find as many people who have similar stories of misconduct, suspected corruption, and some of these people might have inside information to connect people's relationships. Together, our combined grievances, and hopefully evidence can be pieced together to form a picture serious enough to bypass the auditor and go straight to the police for an investigation. I already have evidence I have not shared with the auditor. If the police come in the game changes. It's then in the public domain for starters, also people can't be paid off by the council, and also with secret evidence I have the officials better not be caught contradicting my evidence. That would be lying to the police. Ouch! That's the end of someone's career just for starters.

So yeah, these corrupt officials are going to be investigated vigorously, either by the auditor, or the police. I told him I'm expecting to learn of some arrests. And I told him that I can't find anything about corruption online about your council. I expect that to change. And your comment about the masons is (I'm afraid) extended to other government authorities. Let's say it starts with P.

It's time for us average folk to start joining forces to focus on smaller bites of the elephant.
People scaremonger when they have no legitimate argument.
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