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Default The Origin of the Hopi Snake Dance - Translated by Alfonso Ortiz

*A fascinating story from the Hopi tribe that corroborates much of David Icke's research. Several recurring themes are present here: non-human entities living underground, reptile-human cross breeding, and shape-shifting. Definitely worth a read.

Long ago two Summer People society members—a father and his son—lived in one of the Hopi villages. Whenever offerings were made to the supernaturals, the son would always say.

"I don't believe that these things are ever taken by the gods. I wonder if there really are any gods."

At last he decided.

"I'll find out the truth. I'm going to the Lower Place to see if the gods really are there, and if they're all they're supposed to be."

Explanations from his father and other religious leaders that the gods do not take the offerings themselves, but only the essence of the core, did no good. He set out on his way.

After he had traveled for several days, the Silent One, a Tewa rain god, appeared to the young man. The Silent One asked:

"Where are you going?"

"I am going to the Lower Place to look for the gods."

"Even if you travel until you grow old, you will never get there," the Silent One replied. "The Lower Place is too far for you to reach. Go no further, and do not doubt the existence of the gods."

After saying this, the Silent One turned himself into his supernatural form and then back into a man again. The youth was frightened and impressed, but he could not let the rain god deter him. He insisted on continuing his journey.

After the young man had traveled further, the Deer-Kachina-Cloud god appeared, also in human form. Again the youth did not recognize him as a god, and again the god scolded him and urged him to go back.

"I have horns," the god said, "and I am the gamekeeper of your people."

Whereupon he also transformed himself into his supernatural form and then back to a man. Despite these warnings, the youth insisted on going on.

"Snake Village is closer than the Lower Place, and that is as far as you can go," said Deer-Kachina-Cloud. "After visiting Snake Village you must return to your people."

Reluctantly the young man agreed to this. When the youth had gone another short distance, Star-Flickering-Glossy Man appeared, dressed in the feathers of many birds. He warned the young man again:

"You can go only to Snake Village, no further. The snakes will try to bite you, because you are a doubter. Use this herb on them. In the middle of the village lives the governor of the snake people, and you should go there right away. The snakes are also spirits who can change themselves into people."

When the youth reached the village, the snakes did indeed try to bite him, but he spat the herb in their direction and they retreated. He reached the snake governor's home unharmed and was received kindly, though the governor also warned him not to proceed further.

The snake governor had two beautiful daughters, who treated the youth so well that he slept with one of them that night. The next day as he prepared to start on his journey home, the governor offered him his choice of the two daughters to take with him. He chose the one he had slept the night with.

Next the governor told him to make piki, ceremonial bread, in white, yellow, red, and blue, and to scatter it, on his return, before a mountain north of his village. After he had made the piki, he and his wife began their trip in the company of some of the snake people, who went with them for a part of the way.

So great was the distance that the young man's wife had become pregnant and was due to give birth any day by the time they reached the Hopi village. On their way the young man had already scattered the piki before the mountain in this order: white, yellow, red, and blue. Immediately four bands of these colors appeared across the mountains. They were intended to be used by the Hopi people, and so they have been ever since:

• the red for painting pottery

• the yellow and red for painting moccasins

• the blue (or green) for painting their bodies

When the couple reached the foot of the mesa, the wife said she would remain there until he returned. She told him, however, that no one must touch him and he must touch no one until he came back to her. When he climbed to his village at the top of the mesa, the young man told his people to take him to the kiva, to build a large fire there, and to gather the whole village. As was expected of him, he told his whole story from the time he set out to the Lower Place. This took the whole of the night.

The following morning as he walked down to the bottom of the mountain to take his wife some food, he met a woman with a water jar coming up. She was a former lover of his, and without warning she ran to him and embraced him. When he reached his wife, she already knew what had happened. Weeping, she said: "You don't care for me, so I shall leave and return to my people. But your child will always remain with you." She gave birth to a baby who, like herself, could change into a snake at will. Then she departed.

That's why the Hopi's dance the snake dance today. The dancers are the descendants of the child born to the young man and his snake wife.

This very same story can also be found in the book below:

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -- Carl Jung
"The educated person is one who knows how to find out what he does not know" -- George Simmel

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Ancient Statues at Nuka Hiva Reveal Possible Race of Extraterrestrials

Undoubtedly, the original meaning and purpose of a great deal of ancient artwork has been lost over time. What started as an abstract representation in the mind of the ancient artist might be considered an accurate depiction of historical facts. While this might be the case with the Temehea Tohua statues, the similarity between the stone carvings and modern portrayals of extraterrestrials are striking.

The statues can be found on Nuku Hiva, the largest island of the Marquesas Archipelago in French Polynesia. Europeans reached the Marquesass in the last decade of the 16th century but the islands are thought to have been settled by Polynesians sometimes before 100 AD.

On an interesting note, in the South Marquesan dialect, the island was called Te Fenua ‘Enata, meaning “The Land of Men.” Maybe as opposed to aliens?

1jpg images

Some of the ancient statues on the Nuku Hiva Island seem to depict beings from other worlds.Is it possible that inhabitants of the island have met these extraterrestrial deities?

Are they just a product of artistic imagination? Did they serve a ceremonial role and nothing more? Could they be records carved in stone as a memento of an archaic alien contact?
Some of the sculptures show beings with disproportionately large and elongated heads, gaping mouths and huge eyes. Another type shows beings with a bizarre mix of human and alien features. Some ufologists believe the statues actually depict two alien races: Reptilians and The Greys.

The Lizard People from the constellation of Draco appear in multiple conspiracy theories. Evil and manipulative, this advanced alien race is said to be secretly controlling mankind from the shadows. Did they land on the Marquesas Islands thousands of years ago, leading the locals into worshiping them as gods?

2image hosting free

Such a hypothesis doesn’t seem too far off if we think at the extremely vast amount of water surrounding the islands. From an alien perspective, this would probably be the best place to hide your UFO while also studying the human specimens on the local islands.

Modern reports of Grey aliens describe them as 3 to 4 feet tall humanoids with large heads and huge elliptic eyes. Some of the statues bear a striking resemblance to this extraterrestrial species.

So, are these stone carvings nothing but tikis belonging to Polynesian culture or is there something more to them? One thing appears certain: the beings they depict are not human at all.

Ecclesiastes 11:7 "The light is sweet, and it is delightful for the eyes to see the sun"

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In Robert E. Howard's King Kull stories, the serpent people worship a god known as the Great Serpent. Later writers would identify the Great Serpent with the Great Old One Yig and with the Stygian serpent god Set from Howard's
Conan stories.

The Serpent Men were created untold aeons ago by the Great Serpent. At some point the Serpent Men group split, with one group becoming the Man-Serpents. One Man-Serpent is the titular being in the Conan story "The God in the Bowl".

The seat of the First Empire of the Serpent People, during the Paleozoic era, was Valusia. Valusia is a fictional country in the Kull stories of Robert E. Howard and his stories tell, among other things, of Serpent Men trying to conquer the world once again, around 20,000 years ago, where Kull from Atlantis reigned over the Valusia Kingdom, located on the west coast of the main continent of Thuria .

The ancient Serpent Empire was based on sorcery and alchemy, but collapsed with the rise of the dinosaurs about 225 million years ago during the Triassic era. The Serpent Men originally ruled over humans in Valusia but were defeated and almost wiped out in humanity's battle for survival against the "elder things" that predated them. Over time, humans dominated Valusia and the Serpent Men became a legend. The Serpent Men, one of the few surviving "elder things", infiltrated human society and ruled from behind the scenes for a time but were again discovered, defeated and cast out in a secret war. However, they later repeated this tactic but added the front of a Snake Cult religion, which gained power and influence within Valusia while they also used their abilities of disguise to murder and replace each reigning monarch.
'The "malign ones" may appear to promote or cause chaos... but in truth they are in fact terrified of true "chaos."
The type of chaos espoused by these types is NOT chaos, it is their imposition of order, and although the results/events may seem chaotic to humans, they are not... all the events are orchestrated as you well know.'
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The Skrulls are a fictional race of
extraterrestrial shapeshifters appearing in American comic books published by
Marvel Comics .

Millions of years ago, the Celestials performed genetic experiments on the reptilian ancestors of the Skrulls, resulting in three branches of Skrulls: The Prime, the Deviants and th Eternals . Eventually the three branches warred with one another, and the Deviant branch – due to possessing the innate ability to shapeshift – were triumphant, and afterward wiped out all members of the other two races until only two were left
'The "malign ones" may appear to promote or cause chaos... but in truth they are in fact terrified of true "chaos."
The type of chaos espoused by these types is NOT chaos, it is their imposition of order, and although the results/events may seem chaotic to humans, they are not... all the events are orchestrated as you well know.'
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Cecrops / ?si??kr?ps/ ( Ancient Greek :
??????, Kékrops ; gen .: ????????) was a mythical king of Athens who, according to Eusebius reigned for fifty years. The name is not of Greek origin according to Strabo , [1] or it might mean 'face with a tail': it is said that, born from the earth itself, he had his top half shaped like a man and the bottom half in serpent or fish-tail form. He was the founder and the first king of Athens itself, though preceded in the region by the earth-born king Actaeus of Attica. Cecrops was a
culture hero , teaching the Athenians
marriage , reading and writing , and
ceremonial burial .

'The "malign ones" may appear to promote or cause chaos... but in truth they are in fact terrified of true "chaos."
The type of chaos espoused by these types is NOT chaos, it is their imposition of order, and although the results/events may seem chaotic to humans, they are not... all the events are orchestrated as you well know.'

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Default Daenerys - Diana - DNA

The 'mother of dragons', part of a tyrannical bloodline, telling us that their DNA is different to ours...

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
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Discovered this one last night, amidst the many real life UFO abduction chronicles now on You Tube, I hadn't come across this one before, which has a decidely reptilian flavour. The Italian Pier Zanfretta abductions (1978-81):


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