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Default SCARY mind parasites (the ones David talks of)

For new folk: the world has been governed by infinitely evil parasites forever. They exist solely to rape kids and to kill & torture people. They created a prison for themselves to live in and want everyone else to join them as they are infinitely evil lonely machines. They control the world's corporations, military and money supply, creating more and more divisions for humankind. Not all parasites are physical. (Football fans will have something to sing about after reading this article.)

David Icke has already mentioned the mind parasites which I will now write about. He explained that they govern and they have the ability to induce a false perception of physical reality in a person. They have no creativity so they manipulate reality and can't create it. Throughout history people have known them as archons, demons, flyers and jinn amongst other names. I'll call them archons. They control child rapists and Satanists.

They hate people having friends and relationships. Their goal is to stop all consciousness from existing, to turn all humans into one of them.

To my horror I have encountered them through my dream state. They've manipulated my sense of physical perception to totally control what I experience. This occurs daily. It has access to my memories so, for example, I might appear to interact with my parents in an environment which looks like the house I grew up in. The words I say to others, sexual feelings, food I eat etc. are all fabricated by the parasite. As the parasite controls my memory it controls what parts of it I do and don't experience.

They must have been controlling my dreams for years, maybe my whole life. These fake dreams are not true dreams at all. All I have to do is close my eyes now and as soon as I drift into sleep the parasite is forcing me to perceive visual memories of events in my daily life. I can't be alone in this.

Others may have the belief that listening to glorious Christmassy music will stop them from inhabiting their minds. Somehow, I don't think it cares and very little is known about them.

I read in one of David's books that child rapists have had their DNA manipulated so that they became that way. I would add that they are unable to form friendships and relationships and end up as loners. They still travel forward in time, like everyone else, do not time travel and they have their own memory and identity. I won't class them as parasites and you'll see why shortly.

Unfortunately, there is a much greater type of child rapist. Thinking about evil child rapists I've met over the years a nightmare now dawns on me: they are either viruses that have incarnated as humans or possibly, probably, archons that have done so.

Furthermore, these “people” who I have not seen in over 20-30 years have now found me in the dream realm. They now often find me, sometimes daily, which means they have developed the ability to time travel. Humans have a small ability to do it but nothing like that of these parasites. When they find me they gain total control of my perceptions and my voice so I say whatever they want me to say.

The archons also have the ability to time travel. For it there are no barriers at all.

All these parasites share common characteristics: they have no identity and no memory of their own, which means they have to use the identity and memories of their host. They are infinitely evil machines, with no soul, and cannot travel forward in time.

As a result of being stuck in time they resort to time travel to constantly repeat the interaction of meeting with their target person(s). So their physical body ends up in places that the physical body of a normal human cannot. It enters a sub-universe, where it can end up in more than one place at one time. It ends up as a burglar too.

They are normally very articulate but are extremely introverted. Everything they say is a lie. They all attended school in their childhood but it's as if they never attended.

It can't tell its ass from its elbow.

You would think that there's nothing there when there is or vice versa.

They can't create reality so they use your ability to do so to produce the reality they wish to impose and scare you with. This hides their inability to create any reality.

If you talk to one you will find that it will think that you and it are the only humans in the world.

Many of these marry another of the opposite sex and have children together. They then make friends with each other.

The government wants these “parents” as the “norm”.

I've been able to catch glimpses of these virus-born “humans” as they time travel to the inside of my present home. They are able to observe me in my daily life there. For example if I write an article on my computer they'll know what the article is about. Two of them are “teachers” of a school I attended long ago.

They are all extremely authoritarian.

And the “police” can arrest you for thought crimes?

When they come across me in the dream realm they take over total control of my perception, voice etc. That's why I think they are archons rather than just viruses.

The ability to time travel to more than one person at a time is a typical characteristic of archons and the archon “humans”.

They can time travel to places you used to live in and schools you attended and learn about the objects in those places. They can observe what food you ate and who you talked to when you ate that food. The archon “humans” can also meet you there too.

But suppose that in five years you'll move into a house and acquire a new purple phone. They can only time travel to see you using it there after that time or they can before then but you can only be aware of it after that time.

There has been only one occasion where I have successfully stopped one of these from finding me permanently via time travel. In a dream I located a special corridor. Inside, I found myself sealing an open doorway that one of them was going to use to time travel to me.

Consider now a cinema or a place where people watch TV/theatre etc. An archon “human” walks in. It would see people staring at thin air for no reason. It would sit next to one of them and talk to them, “Hello”, as a way of making new friends. It has no idea why people are there. It can't the difference between someone talking to it and no one talking to it.
Over the years I've followed the Internet broadcast of a woman called Sherry Shriner. She has developed a very close relationship with god, which means she is constantly targeted by those in power. God has nothing to do with religion or any of the infinitely many false gods the universe's parasites need you to worship.

Sherry has revealed many things that they wanted to keep secret. The fallen angels became what we think of as aliens. They form part of the different groups that have manipulated humans. It's a battle between god and these aliens and parasites.

A parasite could have a human body, an alien body or no body at all.

God has many powers which Sherry has mentioned. God revealed many secrets to her because of her chosen relationship with him and she can read the bible's secret codes. She has always said seek your required information from him, not her. She also says people should develop a relationship with god. That relationship doesn't always have to be formal and only god who knows what you need to reach safety. This is your personal information which is your right to have and it is the very thing the government most wants to deny you.

Sherry says god speaks to your heart, not your head. So if someone gives you information then that is speaking to your head.

Transcripts of all her weekly broadcasts are at


Those interested should start with 2009 & 2010 then read 2015 for the recent stuff like CERN.

The government has always said that her websites tell only lies, which is why they're always trying to take them down or track all of those visiting. Do you use a VPN or a proxy to hide your computer's IP address on the Internet?

Sherry has no knowledge of archons but God does. How did I know? I had another dream where the mind parasite was again 100% controlling my perceptions and memory. In the dream I had a cold. I realized that it's impossible for someone to have a cold unless some unnatural, harmful, tainted substance or food has been placed inside them, by those in power. There was nothing that the parasite could not manipulate so there was no escape. I then saw that God , however, could manipulate this manipulator. He is the only one who can. Something that's easy for god to do is normally impossible for a human. That's not to say that it alone will solve all the world's problems.

Everyone is always forced to answer one question: who do you belong to? Him (god), nobody or the parasites? “Nobody” is as good as the parasites. A false god is one that doesn't exist. Is it a surprise that parasites only rely on false gods? Only a parasite would instruct you to be religious and I'm not one of those.

How many lost people believe in no god? How many do the government want in this position?

The government wants you to grow up thinking they're the only god, right? Which you beg to for the answers to your problems? And they also want you to worship one of 789 other gods too?

Is it shameful to have a good relationship with god? Does the government need you to think so?

Do they want you so damaged that you can never ask god for assistance on your personal situation? How much god helps you is between you and him only.

Do they want you so damaged that you think god has no information about how your life has progressed up to now?

Does the government want to ask you anything? NO?

Does the government want you to think that god has no questions for you?

Where are your thoughts broadcast from? God, the government or no one?

How does a parasite think? Because I'm afraid I need to do this and this and this to protect myself?

If you belong to no one then any parasite could arrive and say you belong to it.

Our physical reality is a reality, a false one, created by the mind parasites.

Wanting everyone to worship you as a god is even worse than someone who worships a false god.

A mind parasite has nothing which can kill it. It is not physical and does not have a death. It doesn't care what interests you have. You are the thing it wants.

Parasites are fake entities, unlike god, right? Existing but fake.

My own feeling is that if you want to serve god then god will want to serve you. All relationships are two-way. Surely the government want people to think that communication with god is impossible? If god wanted to say something to you what's to stop him? The government?

Although parasites exist they have no energy of their own, which is why they seek to use and destroy anything that has.

God is supposed to be well hidden but, then, so are parasites and mind parasites.

The energy of god and that of any parasite are totally different. The natural energy of god, orgone, is destructive to storms, tornadoes, demons, aliens, chemtrails and to the harmful electromagnetic energies like phone masts that the government puts everywhere.

The aliens have thousands of cloaked spaceships, which are now being destroyed due to the orgone (that people have been making) accumulating in the sky.

Natural energies support proper forms of life like sea life, animals, humans, planets, plants and non-physical ethereal entities so the real tug-of-war battle is one of energy. Whoever has the more energy wins. Exposing government corruption is only part of the battle.

The harmful energies created by the government attract parasites to Earth from other dimensions. Most “phone masts” are actually in oceans, mainly to harm dolphins and whales who play a key role in Earth's survival.

What is powering all the mind-control phone masts? Underground power plants/stations.

Orgone neutralizes nuclear radiation & radioactivity. I make my own orgone and when I began I immediately found it made a difference as I live 10 miles from a nuclear power plant. Nuclear bombs cannot be exploded in an area with orgone.

Orgone destroys the parasites in other dimensions as it is multi-dimensional. Dolphins are aware of its use too, as are other animals. Evil satanic rituals are often conducted where many ley/energy lines cross so that the energy is inserted into the Earth's grid, which humanity then experiences. Such places also need orgone, as do battlegrounds.

David has said that energy is information. God's energy is infinite, invisible, quiet, natural and not like that of any parasite. This means it is a guiding line to where you should travel in this confusing, deceiving, infinite, government-controlled universe. Think of it as an invisible strong-signalled *ROAD SIGN*, marked 45 km. The further you go down this invisible road the more difficult it is for the government (and other humans) to find you.

God's natural energy connects to your heart, to nature and to the natural non-physical light. It is non-critical. And, lastly, it is forgiving.

God's information is infinite unlike the default, loud, permanent, genuine-looking, government-limited information most people have been living inside. They aim to lock you inside a smaller box than the one they're in.

What would reality be like if there was no speed of light? God has been there all along and was hidden by the government. As David and others have mentioned the moon and the rings of Saturn were put there to limit the part of the universe that we live in, thereby creating the physical reality we are limited by. Giant spaceships put ice into the rings to strengthen its ability to transmit the sound rings required to artificially create the speed of light. And then the moon was put there to greatly amplify the signal. Our DNA was then tampered with to lock us into this physical transmission. The moon also works to solidify human DNA to only two strands.

Without all this we would experience the fuller natural universe, away from the parasites. The rest of the universe isn't affected by Saturn's rings.

Our DNA was manipulated to lock us into this frequency but there are infinitely many frequencies that exist.

The difference between the dream realm and the physical is the speed of light. So our physical realm is a prison in the dream realm. We're multi-dimensional. We're not three dimensional at all.

When you dream you experience other realities right? Do you dream in order to experience the speed of light and the limitations of space-time?

Does the sun emit light, only to limit it to something less than the speed of light?

Is the whole universe a pit of snakes? A part of it is right?

The rulers of humanity had to find a way of limiting life to only the physical otherwise their dictatorship could not occur. You will see that some corporate logos incorporate SATURN. Saturn is a star that used to be much closer and was Earth's primary source of light and so we have the rulers' sun/Saturn worship because there's a good reason for it.

The moon's influence creates repeating programs (of human behaviour) which would therefore include the behaviour of child rapists and those who worship money.


So these elites run the corporations and nations for their archon masters.

We are all holograms because the true universe is a giant hologram, as is the Earth.

And now the governors are introducing technology which will allow any human on the planet to be controlled directly like a member of the royal family. That's what this “smart” technology and the “Internet of Things” is for. And by microchipping everyone their minds can have fake physical perceptions implanted.

David said that the fallen angels mentioned in the bible are another name for the archons. They are in fact the aliens, which do have a physical body, and are a separate thing. These aliens wish to be known as the “ascended masters”, who've come from “heaven” to rescue everyone. (If they pick you up in their spaceships you'll be meat in their storage freezers, as some people have already discovered.)

David Icke and others exposed global government corruption and couldn't go any further but that doesn't mean there was no further to go. There was a lot, lot further to go.

God only revealed the bible's hidden codes to those who were suitable. God already knew the future and reveals this in the codes, meaning Sherry's knowledge is super up to date. She reads the aliens' plans and the future like a book. Many others had parts of the picture but she had the whole lot. It's like a massive jigsaw puzzle and she knew all the major players in Satan's kingdom and their ultimate fate. Decoding is very hard, time consuming and Sherry doesn't always immediately know the codes' meanings.

Sherry has explained in detail what these alien manipulators have been doing all this time. She's very uninhibited in the large volume of information given out.

How far will someone go? No one can say how far you're supposed to go.

God, I think, wants me to take the next step then the one after that. What am I doing? I'm increasing my frequency. You know what essential oils are? Aromatherapists use them in oils rubbed on the skin etc. They kill viruses and bacteria because the diseases cannot vibrate at that high a frequency:

When people end their prayer with the word “Amen” that word actually refers to a demonic entity of the name Amun, as humanity has obviously been hijacked. God's name is Yahushua but each person might have their own name for him.

The evil aliens use many advanced forms of time-travel technology to abduct people. God showed me in one dream that he was able to shield me from it. Time travel is the number-one form of control for parasites and time-travel technology is always being developed further.

Sherry mentioned that some people have been abducted and replaced with a clone, with all of the memories copied. Various movies have already portrayed this. If they have one their spouse then notices that the person is suddenly different, cold and somehow soulless so they seek a divorce. The biggest cloning facility is just outside Beijing.

David said we live in an archon world. He's far more right than he ever realized.

Michael Relfe used to be a slave military guard. The government had him working on Mars and transported him there using time-travel technology. He said that the evil reptilians overseeing him liked to cloak themselves as humans in order to make themselves better blended. He said there was no escape but god showed him effective prayers to safeguard him from abduction:


Aliens don't exist? And they don't have spaceships, along with other advanced technology? Did they tell you that? Here's a 2-minute video, made by a group of brave men with the aid of a former air-force lieutenant. It was taken at a secret base in the USA. A large spaceship is being moved on the ground and the area is patrolled by armed guards:


If you want the truth you will see that the eyes have it:

A statue picture which some will have already seen:

Eyes Wide Shut: for those who haven't seen the film here's a clip on how the elite rape their kept human (female) slaves. Kubrick was murdered for it.

The parasites need you to believe that they are more powerful than god. Are you constantly try to force everyone to believe that you are more powerful than god? Who's more stupid: you, god or these parasites? Are they infinitely stupid and pathetic?

The biggest key to someone's survival? The strength of their relationship with god (and a more natural untainted lifestyle where you see more to your needs). Without god everything you do to protect yourself can be overcome by the government. You can be destroyed without much resistance at all. Anyone with a strong relationship cannot be claimed by the government even if they die. No one lives forever. Unless god destroys the satanic forces nothing you do will ever matter.

Who's better hidden, Satan or the archons? Satan is in fact physical. He's in the physical universe and still has his destructive powers. Satan has a spaceship, which he positioned over Earth. I would say the archons are better hidden and are probably the most hidden and powerful parasites in the universe. Very little is known about them. David has mentioned a few things about them but could not go any further. What knowledge he has was found from research of ancient texts of older civilizations that knew of their existence.

David said that when the Gnostics wrote about the archons they were slaughtered and most of their work destroyed.

Satan copies many of god's activities. When Sherry started hearing god's words Satan would intervene with his, just like he did when he spoke through Hitler and Obama. Did you really think it was them speaking?

Satan in fact listens to Sherry's radio show.

I would say that archons can do far more things than Satan or any of the aliens can.

If Satan doesn't want you he will pass you to the “government”, who surely will.

Angels exist and I've come across them. They can interact with people without making a physical appearance and are aware of your whole life. They can also incarnate as humans. Satan knows this and ensures that they are born to child-raping parents. They can end up as drug addicts.

I had contemplated writing an article about the archons but waited a long time. I knew god was aware of my Internet use because he once showed it in a dream. I woke up recently and, with my eyes still closed, received a thought about writing it. He showed me the letters “RT” which means retweet, as in go and write this article.

In the end the energy war will either be won by god or the government. Either the people or the government will run out of time. If you have understood this article there should be one word which stands out above all others: URGENCY. The government has been busy preparing like mad (because they know the danger they're in due to the orgone). What about you? They always do everything they can to constantly divert your attention.

These parasites are all trying to create division and keep people separated from each other. The opposite to this is unity. We are all one, whether you're an alien or a human, and god is a part of all of us.

I'll go through an example now about unity. Back in the 1970s the government moved nuclear weapons into an air base in England. Various women protested against this horror. Who's job is it to unite everyone? Surely not these women? I would say it is god's job. How? By removing all the universe's parasites. How? By neutralizing all the harmful energy they have put everywhere, with orgone. It's been a very long battle.

Can you imagine what would happen if god removed the parasites and then removed Saturn's rings and the moon?

If god had arms and legs wouldn't he try to reach others through the Internet? The government does?

An update: I found that singing a simple repetitive football chant significantly deprived the archon of its ability to control my perceptions in a dream. Hiding somewhere would not. Clapping at the same time further enhanced the effect. You must actually sing rather than hear music only. Sing genuinely rather than to annoy something.

Here we go here we go here we go
Here we go here we go here we go-oh
Here we go here we go here we go
Here we go here we go

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CbUmVo8n3Y (needs to be trimmed)

It showed its final disapproval by enclosing me inside a prison. One wall was transparent so that I could see the lovely “city” outside which I could enter if only I complied with all its wishes.

Repeating the same song rather than constantly changing to another will deprive it further by not giving it something different that it could manipulate. There should be nothing unpredictable to the chant so its number of different words need to be few. It is vital that it gets bored to death before you do. (It's always repeating everything it does.)

When chanting realize that the more you chant the nearer you are getting to the point in the universe you should have been at without any of the parasites' interference. See yourself getting there (home) as you chant.

By hiding somewhere you would remain in fear which is what it wants. Fear is what you need to rule over.

I have a basic explanation on why this is. As it normally times travels the parasite is used to doing super, super, super, super complicated things. It can't handle what it finds when it suddenly encounters something super, super, super, super simple. It's like an 80-ton lorry moving at 700 miles per hour that suddenly needs to stop to avoid a silly wall.

I thank whatever gave me the chant idea.

Unfortunately, the problem is that the archon is likely to have control of your memory and perception before you can chant and clap. Years ago I had a dream where I had been taken by aliens and been put lying down on a table. They were manipulating me but I wasn't worried. This lack of fear allowed me to be in control and I've never encountered them again. Maybe that's because they weren't infinitely evil like the archons.

The lack of fear I believe had a major part in the effectiveness of the chant. It is the archons that are afraid, not genuine lifeforms.

In an infinite universe there is no space-time. Through manipulation if it did occur but no further manipulation was added the events inside that region would just flow forward in time unimpeded.

I have realized that the universe has a blockage. This means that instead of time flowing forward it is constantly being looped. Events of your daily life enter your memory so you think you are going forward in time. The truth is that your memory is fooling you into this. Due to the blockage you are actually going round and round in a loop and your memory is being filled with memories of new events inside space-time, not outside space-time.

It's like a fish swimming in a small bowl of water. It thinks time flows forward because it has a memory but the confines of the bowl means it is actually going round and round in a loop. Its memory is lying to it because of the blockage.

I didn't build this blockage. It was already there. What put it there? You can have a billion guesses but there's only one answer: the archons.

How did they create this blockage? Imagine looking at a plane in the sky. You look at it again a few seconds later. It has now stopped but it is not falling. Instead, it is spinning round and round without stopping. That's what happened to these archons. They're not doing anything, other than spinning round and round like crazy. It's then that they put in many boundaries.

So new memories of being manipulated by the archons are not new at all. All such memories are lies. The truth is that you have only existed outside space-time.

You could just say that a part of you, the true part of you, exists outside space-time and everything else is a lie. There's no money need outside space-time.

No part of an archon exists inside the true universe outside space-time. However, inside this true universe we have previously-unseen spinning archons. The true universe is instant death to them.

Archons can't enter the true universe (of god). They can only exist in a fake universe.

As the true you exists outside space-time the archons can only interact with the fake you inside space-time. They have never known the true you at all and the true you is still intact and cannot be manipulated.

The universe inside and outside space-time are not two separate compartments. They are one compartment. The manipulators have used every method possible to divide the universe as much as possible to create the illusions they wanted.

Are god and those living in the true universe afraid of the archons? Does god obey the archons or the other way round?

Archons are afraid of a lack of fear, love. They can't understand it. When an archon human says it loves people it means it hates people. They're afraid of fake or weak threats.

You will probably have had many dreams where your experiences were manipulated by archons. This means that whether you are awake or asleep you are still inside the blockage/boundary, consequently you're looping rather than moving forward in time. The exception occurs in dream sleep if you enter areas outside this boundary.

What about the dream realm occupied by the archons? Those are fake dream realms, nothing like the true ones.

As archons can't enter true universes they don't believe in them. That means they can't manipulate the true you. Their power comes from making you think you are the fake you. There is no 30th October 2015 where I am sitting at the computer typing this because that's all an illusion.

What? The time before and after it was put on the computer are two different times?

God showed something new today in a dream. He rules the true universe alone. It is always there and forever operates. Without this true one all the other fake universes could not exist. No fake governor rules this universe. There is only one true universe, not 789, and no parasite can reach it. You can enter it even if you end up in a fake one first. Parasites fall away from the true universe at an increasingly alarming rate. God kicked them out first. The key is to have god's true understanding.

He hopes every true entity comes home to him.

Did you get there?

Love, nature and special tools are the only things which destroys ALL parasites.

Archons effectively have no consciousness. I realized that to overcome this parasite I need to hold the idea that there is no separation between the infinite consciousness and something with no consciousness. There is no consciousness where the archon is but there is in the infinite. If you never had any consciousness in the first place the parasite would never have come to you. It doesn't time travel to a stone to try to manipulate it.

Archons are like statues: they can't change and always want everything to remain the same, their same. They're completely lost due to their perfect ability to time travel and assume that it is the only normal way of life. The correct way of existence is in god's true universe without any need to time travel. Time travel only leads to a prison inside a fake universe. No parasite can build a true universe.

As archons time travel more and more they have less and less consciousness. They exist but have a fake existence.

When an archon incarnates as a human it deceives everyone into thinking that it has a human body because it appears as a visible object. It doesn't have one because it is outside space-time as it constantly time travels. Its body is just a three-dimensional cartoon picture.

If someone calls me a conspiracy theorist I'll wear that badge with pride. It was a phrase invented by the government to discredit those revealing and seeking the truth.

****** -- TROLL ALERT -- ******
Be aware that any troll or government troll can read and reply to this message.
********** ********** **********

(Sherry makes orgone blocks and gives the only correct instructions on the Internet for its construction:


It does not say that magnets should be included. Anyone wanting to make it should be advised that although Sherry has said magnets can be put in I and others would advise against this as this makes the energy bad. Her instructions give conflicting advice on the direction of the coil. It is anti-clockwise going down. Do not use epoxy. The coil's width determines its power.

I'm not saying everyone should make it. Not everyone can follow instructions and some people who make it are doing more harm than good. Methods which work are not supposed to be fundamentally changed.)

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There is nothing to be scared of. Fear feeds other parasites.

First, identify the parasites then find the way to remove it. Job done.
OK....it may be more cumbersome than that in reality but you will get there.
I'm in the process of doing that myself.... not the child molesting type parasites but other evil (human) beings. I'm getting there though.
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Cool Midi-chlorians

I wonder if these parasites are, what they call the Midi-chlorians in the Star Wars movies?
Hollywood so often introduces us to the truth using fiction.

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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
There is nothing to be scared of. Fear feeds other parasites.

First, identify the parasites then find the way to remove it. Job done.
OK....it may be more cumbersome than that in reality but you will get there.
I'm in the process of doing that myself.... not the child molesting type parasites but other evil (human) beings. I'm getting there though.
I feel that once you have identified them, and are aware of how they act through you, you have gone a long way to making yourself an inhospitable host environment.
“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?" That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.” ? Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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Sorry, tl;dr

I have been taught how to remove these and defend myself. Nothing to fear here but they are annoying. They use stealth and put thoughts into your head. Just say the magic words: "Get out of my head, you lying piece of shit!"
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Originally Posted by loveandpeace4ever View Post
I wonder if these parasites are, what they call the Midi-chlorians in the Star Wars movies?
Hollywood so often introduces us to the truth using fiction.

toxo-plasmosis is a pretty crazy mind parasite
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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Originally Posted by oneriver View Post
I feel that once you have identified them, and are aware of how they act through you, you have gone a long way to making yourself an inhospitable host environment.
Agree with you.
The first hurdle, like anything else, is to identify the problem/situation.
Mind parasites are only thought-form so it can be removed. It feels like physical parasites are more difficult to remove.
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Would forum members please note that, under Forum Membership terms and conditions, it is not acceptable to post unsubstantiated allegations concerning a third party. This could result in libel action being taken against this website.
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It is sad that people give away their power by addressing what is simply the workings of your mind as being something that is outside of yourself.

There are no reptiles, archons, aliens, shadow government, mind parasites, or whatever bogeymen you want to create as the cause of your inner mind workings it is simply that in your duality as is the duality of all of the universe you have a eternal conflict, one that you can overcome by seeking a relationship with the divine, best done through meditation.

Understanding your self goes a long way towards establishing a coherent perspective of the world and your part in it.
Love for All All for Love

"If the Universe was left to be created by an Atheist we would still have nothing"


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David set up his own book-publishing company 25 years ago because he needed to mention the people he was exposing. Do you think 25 years later he would set up a Web site and an Internet forum where the forum moderators tell him he can't publish any of his books in case he gets sued?

He has gone on national radio to expose much more famous names like Ted Heath, George Bush Senior and the royal family. He was never sued.

Is an Internet forum the same thing as a mainstream broadcast medium, especially one like David Icke's?
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Originally Posted by u877gut_y View Post
David set up his own book-publishing company 25 years ago because he needed to mention the people he was exposing. Do you think 25 years later he would set up a Web site and an Internet forum where the forum moderators tell him he can't publish any of his books in case he gets sued?

He has gone on national radio to expose much more famous names like Ted Heath, George Bush Senior and the royal family. He was never sued.

Is an Internet forum the same thing as a mainstream broadcast medium, especially one like David Icke's?
The moderators do not tell David what he can and what he can not publish or write about in his books - wherever did you get that idea? It is ludicrous.

David chooses to write what he writes knowing the flak he may get for exposing the truth about paedophiles and abusers and those few who oppress the many for their own self gain and power.

We have said it before, and we have said it many times, and I will say it again here:

If David is discussing it, if David has named someone, or the media are openly naming someone in connection with abuse / paedophilia then it is fair game to discuss it here.

We can not allow people to just bandy any old name about and call them a paedophile on this site without proof - it is morally wrong and libellous and could get the site into hot water with law suits / legal action and such.

The site could be sued, and as the owner of the site David could also find himself being threatened for action - over something that he did not write or sanction - do you think that is right?

Posts are removed / edited by the site moderation team to make sure this does not happen.

WE don't tell David what he can write, but David tells us what is and what is not acceptable on his forum - that is the way it works.

A note from Gareth:

Originally Posted by garethicke View Post
I have seen a fair few posts over the last day or two, flippantly throwing out names of potential paedophiles in the public eye.
Can we please not do that. If you have evidence that someone is guilty, present the evidence. But randomly throwing out names, with no evidence, can't be tolerated on this forum.

It is morally wrong, and potentially very harmful for all of us that use the forum.

Thanks folks.
If you wish to go naming people as paedophiles on a hunch, with no proof, then you can always go make a private blog and use your freedom of speech to out them to the world - or, do as David did and start a publishing company to spread your truth.
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I've edited my original message so that the reader can decide for themself what they think of the individual I've mentioned. I haven't accused him of being a paedophile but I do name him. I've left in the descriptions of all the things he has done. Aster deleted all these, the evidence, but I think I have the right to describe these to the readers. Therefore I have had to name him.

Rape, itself, of course, comes in many different forms and victims can be of any physical and emotional age.

If I post it all in the next reply can the moderator read it and if happy cut & paste it into the original message? And can you leave this message alone so that everyone can see what has happened?

Without this message this thread isn't progressing anywhere.

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ok I have left a notice above, if the op wishes to disregard that and post previously deleted material that is libellous or otherwise claim illegal activity has been committed by any individual without providing proof of those claims - as has been requested not only by forum admin, but also by Gareth Icke and David then further moderation will be applied in accordance with the rules for posting here.
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I reckon you answered yourself in the OP mate where you say..
"some people who make it are doing more harm than good."

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I wouldn't put names here - evidence or not - and possibly bring other people (who have nothing to do with that issue) into trouble.

Last edited by aster; 10-12-2015 at 07:07 PM. Reason: removed deleted quote, and reference to it
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Without all the parasites and entities and the chance to fear them and overcome your fears the world wouldn't be as fun or exciting as it is. You gotta have parasites you just got too they feed of your energies but then you can replenish your energies with new motives behind the replenishment then the parasites if they are strong enough come second turn of your new energy supply they may choose to fee on it or maybe not depending on what origins your energy comes from. My 2 cents :P

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