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Default Changing the system.. their way

Part of me could be tempted to write a really long essay here, but another part of me knows i can do better then that.. A whole other part of me knows i used to be good at making long stories short from my analytically and historically oriented background. So here goes:

I live in the netherlands, a prosperous, historically significant and balanced country. Nonetheless, as several of you, 'even' being foreigners, have no doubt concluded just as well as myself, this little low country has deteriorated seriously in the last couple of decades.

The phenomenon is nothing new. A stable country with more or less honest politics getting completely hijacked by the PTB.

Ive managed to route the local problem back to the middle of the 1920's, which is the momen where fascist parties got to speak in my country.
The first undeniable visual example is the 'remembrance party' of william of orange's burial in 1933.

Men and women can be spotted using the nazi salute for the first time in dutch recorded history right there, during this ceremony in my hometown.

Incidentally, during the years that the salute, the ideology, and violence in general went on a rise in holland, one of the most popular 'dutch' filmmakers was rising producing stuff like i named before. Also, the first official freemason lodges were formed, and prince Bernhard was introduced into our royal family.

I am, quite simply, planning to play within the system and get a hold of our national politics. I can provide ample history and background information.. which obviously includes part of the story i already did mention. After having been subsequently lied to as much as happened here i must be able to find some backing. Cutting some hard corners here to get to the point that should make me popular:

Real responsibility
Raising the democratic factor across the board.
Ideas are worth something.
Government is facilitating instead of designating.
Localization as opposed to enormous scale housing/ infrastructural planning.
Realistic 'green' objectives abstained from the CO2 nonsense.
Cancellation of all long term specialty deals with big corps.
NO MORE tax perks for multinationals since its been undoubtedly PROVEN mid to small range businesess create way more jobs.
NO MORE lending profits for the rich aimed to the housing market.

Just to name a few.. after having been deceived for the umpteenth time i think i could spark up something in NL this way....
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