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Default Question time special - David Cameron - Pro EU puppet

Did you see the question time special last night with that pro EU puppet Cameron?

Some good questions and you can tell Cameron is a liar. Cameron keeps going on about
Experts. The bank of England or other so called bodies, are not experts.

I have uploaded them here, so you can see what crap Cameron comes out with and him being caught out.

Question time special - David Cameron - part one 19-6-16

Question time special - David Cameron - part Two 19-6-16

Remember to vote to leave this corrupt Undemocratic EU on June 23rd this week. We will show that pro EU puppet Cameron!

It’s pro EU Jeremy corbyn on sky Today.

Can you not see a pattern here, where they are putting out the pro
EU bandwagon stuff at the end, closest to the EU, in or out vote.

They are doing this I believe, so this maybe fresher in the minds of people when they vote on Thursday. This is psychology and they are trying to use it, to get a remain vote but this could backfire.

Looks like it is after Cameron’s performance above.
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The UK voted to leave the corrupt, undemocratic EU. Get on with starting article 50!

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Since I have desired to be quit of the EU since 2000, (have to admit I voted for in the 1970 something referendum) and since msm is not objective (especially QT) I do not watch television on this subject. But I will be voting leave, rest assured.
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Dimbleby asked some very good questions, much more direct than is usual when scameron is on. However, he failed in interupting him such as he does when any "Leave" candidate is on. He let scameron repeat his statements time and time again. The audience was loaded as per usual in favour of scameron, witnessed by the amount clapping .
With four days to go I am still of the opinion that TPTB will rig the figures no matter what. They have spent close to 68 years and countless millions/billions getting the EU to where it is now, all be it failing. If we do get out, great!
In case the readers never saw the video of the question and bull dust that Norway had put to them before they rejected the EU, this is worth viewing. Same excrement different bucket!

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brexit, david cameron, pro eu puppet, question time special

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