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Edit: I just got up, so Im sorry for my style
Oh and its a dream I just saw.
A girl went in a ''morgue'', to visit the friend, who worked there. This wasnt usual morgue, cause the bodies were actually mummified and were on the walls, with different positions and stacked upon each other. They were talking about random stuff and after awhile the friend said to girl to wait for two minute while he needs to do some stuff in another room. he went away. After he went away, I suddenly knew the environment is changing. No, the aura of the environment. I was just an observer. Suddenly one of the mummified figures got up and lost all the bandages. It went in front of the girl and said about love(I saw how in the past they were lovers) and that they should escape, fast(I understood something big gonna happen). The girl complied and they escaped, hand to hand. It was seen he wasnt human, but different. But not undead.
After some moments, the guy got back and saw as that girl wasnt there anymore, thought she just left. He sat down behind the ''reception'' desk and started reading some random stuff. Suddenly some noise was apparent in the 'morgue' and the guy pushed one of the buttons on the desk and some kind of sprinkles started to work, which sprinkled some kind of liquid on the bodies(to stabilize the situation). When he stood up, he saw something. More like something was missing. He got hit by that liquid and leaned more away to see that ''unusual'' thing and then he saw some bodies dissapeared. Then behind the desk one of those bodies stood up, corrected his glasses and said: ''I am sorry, my friend, but I have to do this''. Actually, I understood they were friends before, when this body was alive. The bandages were not present anymore. The guy with glasses was covered with golden color. Then some other ''undead'' came out of the corner and started to beat him and shouting: ''He is not yet one of us, beat him until he gets to that''. The guy shouted back, while was beaten, lying on the floor: ''I am one of you, already!''. ''No, you are not!''. I saw the health of this guy deteriorating until it got to null and then he converted to those guys. He stood up and he knew he has a mission. All of those ''undead'' had a mission. All of them got covered with gold. All of them are in some kind of ''debt'' and all of them want to make others ''one of them'', who are in ''debt'', by deteriorating others health(or more like in sufficiency, as i understood now).
Then I saw a figure in the darkness. It was a classic devil figure, standing still, hands crossed. He was hovering in that darkness, though he was standing like on the ground. Oh btw, the devil was covered partially in fur. Just below him were golden hands, emitting ray of gold particles upon the devils cloven hoofs(his foot). As I understood, they feeded those particles to the devil, so he would live. Those hands started to talk: ''Are you pleased enough, master? We are trying our best to satisfy you'' The devil looked down and said ''Yes, Im pleased, great ones'' Then added ''but dont forget that I am God!'' His voice was classically low and devilish, of course. And as you understand, there is a connection of making others in ''debt'' and the feeding to the devil.
I saw three people just outside of the morgue, hanging around. Then I saw a room in the morgue, where those ''undead'', covered all in gold, sitted to wait for a mission to accomplish. Suddenly they all felt those three people were around and started to laugh and be happy. ''Its a feast time!'' they all shouted. Those ''undead'' summoned(yeah, like magic) babies in front of them(also covered in gold) and started partying. Then I saw a scenario, where those three were converted into the ''golden ones''.
So, this is the part of my dream. I see very various dreams, though. In the same dream I saw how my mother teached russian to other people in the class(she made her own). How I tried to escape from a girls apartment, while his ''husband'' got back. Well, and so on.
Sorry I didnt write before, cause only now I got home and had some time to write this stuff down. In this one, I was just an observer.
Cheers ^_^

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The most lively dream record i could come up with is fairly recent. I can reproduce almost all the locations that were involved in it and i can even give them reasonable meaning myself. Although not as exciting as your experience it was new for me in a sense, seeing i could remember at least every location of a 4/5 hour dream.

I bought a scribbling book for dreams a while ago but cant seem to keep up with it, going to try again....
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