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Default (TRIGGER WARNING) The Brutal Truth of Politicians

The Brutal Truth About Politicians Raping Children (TRIGGER WARNING)

Does David Cameron rape children? I don’t know. Probably not. There’s no reason to believe that he does. Although, when the revelations came flooding in that some politicians WERE raping children, he certainly wasn’t in a hurry to take the sort of action demanded of such horrific accusations. Some have accused David Cameron of a cover-up. His response? ‘Conspiracy theories’. I don’t think that hand is going to play anymore, ‘Dave’.

It’s understandable, though. The reality of this situation is so utterly, disgustingly depraved, mind-bending and reality-shattering that he really does have enough reason to stall, cover and minimise as much as he can.

But what about YOU? Where is YOUR outrage? What action have YOU taken? What stand have YOU made? We just had a general election and, whilst I heard a lot of thick-minded ‘immigrants boo-hiss’, I didn’t hear much ‘politicians are raping our children boo-hiss’. So, what is YOUR excuse? Does reality bite THAT hard these days? It’s not your kids being raped, you know… unless, of course, it is and you’re raping them - and I know some of you are - in which case, your current discomfort levels are understood and excused.

I know that truth can take the soft edge off an evening in front of the fire with a bottle of wine, and it can be highly inconvenient when you’ve got the football scores to check, but, you know, politicians have been forcing their erect penises into the under-developed vaginas and anuses of small children, and they’ve been doing it on YOUR watch, meaning YOU are responsible.

I don’t know. It’s a sad and surreal state of affairs. Maybe there’s a twist at the end and it turns out we’ve all been dreaming. Or maybe this is real and David Cameron enjoys raping children. Maybe even babies… maybe even DEAD babies. It’s not like it’s ain’t on the menu. Personally, I don’t think that he does. Asides from that austerity thing with all the child poverty, food banks and suicides, he seems like a thoroughly decent chap. Oh, and the fox hunting and the bombing people and the secret court trials and the snooping laws and the TTIP… other than that, reasonable fella.

But then that’s what we thought of the others. So, who knows? Maybe David Cameron does rape children. Maybe he raped that young disabled son of his and that’s why he died. That’s a despicable thing to say, right? Truly outrageous. Beyond the pale. BUT - and bare with me for just a moment on this one - is it any more despicable and outrageous than, hmmm, I don’t know… POLITICIANS RAPING CHILDREN?? Terrible thing to say, though, just terrible…

You know you live in an insane world when spoken truth is more offensive than the hell realms of which it speaks. Maybe i’m being hard on you. Maybe things have changed. Maybe people are ready to hear truth… un-spun, unadulterated, brutal, explicit truth. We shall see. But - let me clear - if the sting in your precious eyes and ears is a little too bitter from said truth then that is, quite unfortunately for you, tough fucking luck.

Instead, I ask you to imagine David Cameron pinning his disabled son to the floor, smothering his anus with a lubricant, before thrusting his erect penis into his haemorrhaging, traumatised son. I know, I know, an awful thing to say… unconscionable. I get it. But THIS is child rape. THIS is what your elected MPs have been doing. And THIS is what YOU have been doing NOTHING about.

Offended? I know I am.

THIS is your world. Have you had enough yet? Then join the revolution at: https://www.facebook.com/enoughIEH


Truth Nuke:

You might not like this. You might not want to know. But you NEED to know. Because the world is as it is because YOU and I have allowed it to be. Make no mistake, whether you know it or not, WE are responsible. Open your eyes, see the world for what it is, get angry, get inspired, pack your heart, grow a spine, get to your feet and FIGHT BACK. Make no mistake, whether you know it or not, WE can change the world.

Demons like to hide in the shadows. So, let it be known, that, if you are going to dedicate your precious life to exploiting, manipulating, abusing and harming your fellow human beings then you are going to have to do it in the full glare of our attention. The lights are on. The stage is yours. WE SEE YOU.

World-wide global revolutionary action to be announced soon. Join us at: https://www.facebook.com/enoughIEH
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Excellent post. I would not be surprised if every single one of them was up to it.

I have only recently been awakened, and have been trying to get my family and friends to see through all the lies, a much harder task than it sounds which makes me respect David Icke even more than i already do, he has known this for years while we the people have let it happen, we should all be ashamed.

I have put together some documentaries and interviews which are real eye openers and am now in the process of putting them onto dvds which i will be handing out to friends and family and also leaving them them out in public places for people to find, i am hoping people will watch them, copy them and pass them on.

These are the ones i have put on dvd.

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really ?

that's an awful and appalling post

what has he covered up ? most of the truth is coming out anyway
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Revolting, but great post.
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