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Default laying down the truth about chemtrails

ok any one who takes hallucinogenic drug will tell you a wonderfull story about how we are all one and the outside and inside worlds are one of the same thing

this is something i have found to be true

now if you where to think of the world as a complex organism and we are like cells operating inside that organism now in the eyes of the human manipulation conspiracy we are been train from birth not to do are natural job as we should within the earth

it not that much of a stretch of imagination surely the world being a living thing

it is music that purifys the air are thought clean the air you can feel it you can see it just look around

there is a drug called salvia if you take it when the chemtrails fly over it COMPLETELY clears the sky for miles around the more your heart burns the wider the effect there is nothing they can do about you litraly take the cloud and pull the whole thing out the way cleansing your surroundings and your perception

i would of thought icke or alex jones would have figured this out allready but apparently not o well look retards you have to purify the earths air your self the government is not gonna quit if you keep crying the reason it messes with your mind is because the world is your mind there spraying your mind and you can feel it when it happens that how you can understand this

so in sumary quit bitching about the chemtrails once you free your mind they cant touch you there will be a radius as far as the eye can see of purified air play a mind bending guitar solo keep tripping balls and watch the clouds part again and again
i'm gonna try and keep posting this same fact again and again knowing that is is a concept within my own brain and it is my own creation there for however much different i makes will be merely the way my brain thinks about it as a reliant use of my time
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wake up chemtrails salvia

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