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Default "Food Combining" (Hay Diet)

I’ve suffered with a bloated digestive system for many, many years and by chance discovered “Food Combining” on the internet. I can see now that I’ve inadvertently been eating foods which definitely don’t mix or digest well together and can cause fermentation in the intestines.

Take a look at this chart (there are many others as well if you google it)

I’m going to try this and see if it works, have you tried “Food Combining” or another word for it is the “Hay Diet” Did it work for you?
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I haven't read anything on this but I have learned from experience that eating one thing at a time and then working out how it makes me feel, good, tired, sleepy, iritable, headachey, racing heart, repeating etc it helps work out what is best for me.
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Food is a drug mate, Get with the Breathies'

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Well it starts out with an absolute fallacy as part of its premise. It says the stomach needs to be alkaline to digest carbohydrates, not only is that not the case, it's impossible, the stomach is ALWAYS acidic.

It's true that the body digests carbs and proteins differently, carb digestion begins with the release of particular enzymes in your mouth, which highlights the importance of chewing well.

The digestion process for protein does not start in the mouth, it is entirely done in the stomach.

I'm personally not a believer in food combining theory, I think the body is perfectly capable of combining all kinds of foods without issue.

What's more likely your issue in my opinion is a particular food, or group of foods you are not digesting well.

Some carbs like beans and some vegetables have parts that are totally indigestible by our human enzymes, and are instead consumed by the bacteria in our intestines, and when these bacteria eat what you can't digest, the have to excrete, and this causes bloating etc.

I recommend you try something like The Tealady said, perhaps start by noticing what meals leave you bloated, then isolate the items of that meal and eat them individually and see how each one makes you feel. Then you could research why and what to do about not digesting the culprit foods correctly.
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I'm in your camp allure. Wheat and dairy are hugely allergenic to a lot of the population.

Just wonder which veg you are alluding too Allure.

Oh and don't take antacids Cody . You need your acid to digest your food.
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I think there is something to food combining. Just in terms of optimal absorption of various vitamins and minerals. Different foods will work against each other or in tandem. However I imagine this to be quite individualized and have so far yet to see any proper science on best food combinations. That chart is all well and good, but I would like to see the source data to back it up.
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