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Originally Posted by everlast88az View Post
I recently heard a discussion about several beings 15 to be exact who are able to incarnate on Earth simultaneously and are in actually thousands of human bodies carrying out their agendas. Does anyone have any info or has come across this kind of information before?
Have you seen The Little Buddha, with Keanu Reeves?

In the film 3 people are found who are thought to be the incarnations of a lama. They all try to discredit each other but it turns out they all embody one of the lamas triune aspects.

I have heard the same referenced to Crowley. Many people think they are incarnations and it was put forward, I forget who by, that they could all be true from a certain perspective
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Default Exert from Bartzis/White interview...(AB/LW)

LW: So those 15 Beings have aspects of themselves in all the large, “in charge” families… AB: All the largest families…if there’s a banking…a Family Crest, it’s been hijacked by spiritual contracts…guaranteed. LW: And of course there are probably those that are here, that we…don’t know about – they’re outside the framework of the Rothschilds and the Royals and so on and so forth. AB: The Ones that have kept themselves secret and only created Mystery Schools that have ten students every generation. LW: Right…what about… now, what about some of the other planets? So Saturn is said to be kind of a demonic – I’ve heard that there’s a kind of a demonic force…aspect to Saturn. AB: That’s the crazy part about Saturn. Our Solar System was built from the ground up. Saturn’s piece to the puzzle was the Multi‐Dimensional Beings here, that were instilling fake religions to get warrior followers. Saturn…saw this and went – “Hey…that’s a really good idea!” Alright? LW: Alright. (Laughing) AB: Saturn at that point was a high dimensional planet, that wanted to get in on The Game and it started assembling planets around it, to do exactly that. And it began mining the most powerful people from other societies, to its place. Well, it wanted to get into The Game, so it made sure it was part of the Galactic Ascension Machine because it created draaama: religious drama, spiritual drama, technological drama; I mean, even right now, it’s kind of giving me the Evil Eye because it doesn’t like me talking about it. At this point, it’s tired. It’s tired. We’re tired. We’re all done…even the (15) Multi‐Dimensional Beings have been at this for so long…it’s over. They all know it’s over; it’s just ‐ they’re stuck in this repetitive bad habit pattern that the minions can’t break because they’ve been spiritually contracted for so long that they have no clue that they’re not even in free will. LW: Right…so what’s going to tip The Game? AB: It all depends on how we awaken – how much we are in fear, how much the propaganda has really seeded into people; example: we’re manifesting, creating beings – if they mass broadcast asteroids, we may create that asteroid…okay? The asteroid that just went over Russia – that was a real asteroid, but its purpose was to create fear. Now all those Russian people that experienced it are in fear…and they can take that energy and then reinvest it into more fear in those people – and everyone else that’s witnessed it on YouTube – they can be reinvested in fear, which could create an asteroid‐based event, off of our own fear, because we’re manifesting it. These (15) Beings don’t really care about the outcome of Earth. They just want to harvest as many of the most powerful souls as possible, so that they’re in domination and control and go somewhere else and set up a Galactic Ascension Machine separate, so that there would be no quarantine that’s stopping them. LW: They would be basically limitless at that point… AB: Correct. LW: And what’s to say that that hasn’t happened already? AB: (Pausing) The quarantine is pretty well effective now. There was a long time that they debated what to do when the quarantine wasn’t fully enforced, and it started a smuggling operation that started around 6,000 – 7,000 B.C. Now, there’s always been a quarantine. But it used to be there were psychics that lived on a planet that their whole job was to defend Earth psychically. But you had a coalition of them…millions of them. So one world would say, for a year, “My world will be active”, another year, “My group will be active” – and they’d trade based off of their calendars that are positions facing Earth until finally they had to put ships there; until finally they had to put the psychics in the ships, which took away from their ability to create commerce because psychics drive the vessels, psychics create the commerce and then the technology needed to be manifested here which was way far away from all their resources there – and they had to figure out how to take consciousness from those worlds and bring it here and have it a seamless transport…while Earth was going through the densest part of space; because, there was a while that no vessels could enter our Solar System. So whoever was enforcing the quarantine, had to be there for ‐ a million years…until they came out of the dense part; and that means they wouldn’t be with their species, wouldn’t be with their soul family and very possibly lured into the Galactic Ascension Machine and never get out until now. LW: Wow… AB: So it’s a big deal for them. It was really a big deal.
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AB on Advanced DNA
Time is Knowledge.
From Knowledge comes Wisdom.
Wisdom leads to Action.
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