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Default Net Forums & Dreamscapes

Can enagagement on net forums (including this one) affect the way you dream ? Indeed could souch forums be used as an MK Ultra Tool upon its users ?

I ask because I had a most bizarre nocturnal encounter last night which reflected of what some other people on here talk about : being removed to a strange location not knowing where I was or why I was there. Being wined and dined then subsequently anaesthetised in a roomful of others. One of whom I asked what this was all about. His answer which consisted of two words set off the alarm bells. I don't know what those words were but they they were either;

Psychic Warrior

Remote Viewing

Milab Laboratory

MK - Ultra

...something on those lines. Anyway I boldly repeated aloud what I'd been told and along came staff operative with syringes to put me under again. I remember wandering into different rooms where odd things and activities were going on which I couldn't fully comprehend, eventually facilitating my escape in a dressing gown and waking up with the most bizarre feeling whether it was or wasn't a dream.

Only a dream/nightmare of course but as it was going on it somehow had "shades" of this site somehow.

Just a thought. Anybody else ? Opinions ?

(Probably spending too much time on this site)
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