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Default Section 5 - a Totalitarian Tiptoe

I'm currently training in the mental health sector and whilst sitting in on a forum some confusion arose regarding an incident with police and the illegal use of Section 5 of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA).

The MCA is there to ascertain whether or not someone is capable of making decisions about their health care. In cases where they are deemed to lack capacity (i.e. unable to retain information, inability to understand the need for treatment etc.) Section 5 of the MCA may be invoked to detain someone for treatment against their will for either physical or mental health issues.

One of the healthcare professionals mentioned an incident where a police officer invoked section 5 on an inebriated person and literally lifted them from their home and took them into services to be assessed. Under section 136 of the Mental Health Act police can detain a mentally unwell person who is deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others and place them in a place of safety ('136 suite'). But section 136 was not cited in this case as it ws clearly non-applicable, so instead the officer cited Section 5 of the MCA. Now this person, although drunk, clearly did not want to be kidnapped, was disruptive in her own home but not posing any danger to herself or others and repeatedly stated that she did not consent to treatment and wanted to return home. This person clearly had capacity. The health care assessor explained this to the officer and stated that she was detained illegally.

It may just be poor policing and just another example of uneducated public servants.. But it happened again today. Is this the movement toward people being removed in the night? Of masses of unwell but capacitous 'undesirables' being carted off and lobotomised with psychiatric drugs?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert yet on these Acts.. I just found these anecdotes deeply disturbing knowing what we know... Beware of Section 5! Know your rights!

Every day I'm seeing more and more of the agenda unfolding from within the system. Thankfully I met a colleague today who also understood the plan to some extent. I believe this to be a fortuitous conversation as she pointed out, quite poignantly, that our conversation will already have been marked as subversive by our mainstream associates (perhaps subconsciously) and that I should be careful... particularly with the content I choose to include in my assignments.. Note to self: never say 'Revolution' too loudly in a public sector office
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No, that is the police not knowing the law for a change
But the overall view of mental health from our masters is a little worrying.......its thought control.... but then again so is anti "ism" laws
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