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Default Social engineering and politics

Hi everyone, I just realized that I have not logged in on here in over a year..how time flies!!!

Anyway, I have read all of David Icke's books except for the really early ones. In many of his books, he talks about little tricks that are done in politics to sway voters their way.

He talks about the "totalitarian tip-toe" as well as the Hegelian Theory of problem-reaction-solution.

OK, now let's talk about Barack Obama. No one knew who he was..not even people in the African-American community across the nation ever even heard his name before.

So, the NWO knew that they could use Obama to do a lot of their bidding and get away with it if they played their cards right. What could the Elite do to make everyone not only know who Obama is but to make the public defend him vigorously.

They got him on Oprah. Overnight, millions of women knew who he was and because Oprah was endorsing Obama (not unlike one of the books she endorsed every show), millions of women were going to vote for him.

But what made people defend him, almost angrily, when he was under attack? Here is social engineering at it's best. What the "Elite" did was they had these right wing "bloggers" attack him with ridiculously crazy accusations.

They said he was a Muslim terrorist, a homosexual, as well as other things I cannot remember exactly but I remember a lot of people did not believe it. It made them very angry that these "crazy right wingers" were attacking this man with "untrue" accusations. It made a lot of people defend him. And when you defend a politician, you are going to support him, and you will vote for him (or her).

What I would like for you to do is to write on this post about similar events or instances in the past where the NWO Elite used social engineering tricks to get people to change the way they think.

I know of more cool stuff to share but I cannot remember the exact details. So, I will do my research and post it on here when I get all of my facts straight again. Cheers!!!
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politics, problem-reaction-solution, social engineering, totalitarian tip-toe

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