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Exclamation 3D

Dialectics, Dianetics, Diegetics

Most people live in 1D accepting the brainwash programming that allows them to operate within “norms”. 2D is where alternative programming can be present and tolerated but often constructed on Hegelian principles to ensure synthesis to 1D programming. 2D can be constructed to adapt 1D programming and subtly, or otherwise, change norms. The targeted program changes planned in advance by controllers.

3D is a level of enlightenment whereby knowledge can be used to construct one’s own reality based on reasoned thinking.

The following article is fascinating:


Firstly, the article needs to be deconstructed from the narrative. The article is a book review. It can further be deconstructed into two distinct 1D programming, where the architect of one is critical of the other.

The article (1D) highlights the Scientology view on psychiatry (1D):

3D: Psychiatry through 1D Western programming has been pushed as based on scientific experimentation and observation. However, psychiatry, like much of medicine (and many other areas) is flawed by design. Volunteers for experiments are different from those people who do not volunteer; in particular, volunteers for life-threatening experimentation may be more obviously so. This latter group exhibit inherent suicidal tendencies! Suicidal tendencies have been linked to Toxoplasma gondii infection. Remarkably, around half the population of the World is infected by Toxoplasma gondii. What effect does this infection have on the population? Psychiatry, and indeed medicine, cannot be classed as a science-based profession if two subsets of persons, i.e. those infected and those not infected with Toxoplasma gondii, cannot be distinguished. The effects that the brain parasite infection Toxoplasma gondii has on mental health and the immune system cannot be underestimated. There are many brain parasite infections that cause profound changes in the host; T. cruzi is another such brain parasite infection. Many of these brain parasite infections deplete the body of essential minerals and vitamins, e.g. zinc, melatonin, niacin (vitamin B3). Unsurprisingly therefore Dianetics is based on high dose B3 supplementation.

An overview of a system and the 1D programming that deliberately ignores the most important factor possibly could not be better summed up than as an industry of death?

The most incredible and fascinating concept is that the controllers of the system are those most controlled by the brain parasite infection itself. This ensures systems that are designed to best suit the brain parasite infection in relation to infecting the entire host species and optimally tuning the host species to boot.

For 3D, reboot essential. Stop the buggers…

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