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Default Silence is acceptence

In there mind if you are silent you accept what is going on and it becomes law or legal and so on. This is not a time to be silent and they are trying to scare you out of expressing your own views.

I will tell you what you should not be silent about. All deals and treaties that effect the lives of people around you. Flagrant disregard of laws on the books and making laws to fit agendas. Human trafficking, Child labor and forced labor, Subversion of science, Scare tactics and assassinations, Human rights abuses in general.

If you go silent on human rights abuses then you agree with pedophilia and eating babies, how does that sound to you? Get in there with your angry mouth and don't shut up.

Subversion of science, it goes a long ways farther than give us the money and we will find the results that fit your agenda. You all have not been paying attention. You are using for example antique fuels for energy. Not only could you have been getting 1000 MPG in the 70s but many other things could have been brought to the table you know about. They talk about many things right in front of your face and you never question anything. Example, they have mentioned atom flipping so many times and how many of you asked how do they do it and what can they use it for.

What do we hear about disclosure? Nothing and they are waiting for you to go silent so they do not have to disclose. Up till this post it has been working for them. Get out there and make a lot of noise. Last thought for you, your guns are the only thing between your families children and the pedophiles, and that is just the start of your problems.
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