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Default Sean Gabb - Margaret Thatcher - Hero or Villain?

An excellent speech by Sean Gabb



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tom bombadil
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She allowed for folk to buy their homes by introducing the concept of cheap!

She then allowed for folk to buy council homes.

Those same councils didnt make new homes for the growing populace!

The markets crashed.

All by design.

****. I danced on her grave.
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white light
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She also used up our North Sea oil and gas to pay for the millions of unemployed from closing down our manufacturing industries. Double whammy.
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She was right about the EU though.
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Thatcher was an interesting case and shows that the NWO (rothschilds, royals) do not always have complete control of top politicians ....often they do , blair or cameron for example, but not always .

If thatcher was in their pocket , she would have followed orders on the EU , but she was her own person , it seems , doing what she thought was best for the UK ...

It appears her father was rather fond of (molesting) children , Maggie would have been used to turning a blind eye to this , the controllers would have known , and this would have helped her advancement to PM.
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vancity eagle
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Margaret Thatcher was a member of the Heritage Foundation.


The Heritage Foundation has always backed Brexit.

The Heritage Foundation along with the CNP, AEI and other right wing think tanks form one faction of elites.

Thatcher along with Ronald Reagan began the implementation of worldwide Austerity and Neoliberal/Freemarket economics on the orders of the Mont Pellerin society. This is largely what has lead to the massive global wealth inequality due to their slashing of taxes on the rich and deregulation of banks and markets.

The former President and treasurer of the Mont Pellerin society is Edward Feulner, who was also the President of the Heritage Foundation and a leading member of the Council for National Policy, as well as being a high ranking Knight of Malta. He was also a member of the Trump transition team.

So just because Thatcher was "against the EU" doesn't mean she is not a member of one faction of the NWO.

She was fully on board with the worldwide Fascist movement with her counterpart Reagan in America.

Brexit/EU is just another one of the battles between 2 different elite factions, largely to divide the public and have them fighting each other.

from the above article the Heritage Foundation writes

“A sovereign Britain will be a stronger partner for the United States and a more powerful force on the world stage. Brexit is good for Britain, Europe, and America. It is a cause for great celebration.”

So basically in a nutshell if we read through their euphemisms BREXIT IS GOOD FOR AMERICAN IMPERIALISM.

As I have pointed out many times Israel is also in the equation. The most reactionary and imperialist elements of both AMerica and Israel WANT BREXIT AND HAVE SUPPORTED IT.

people need to understand that there are elite factions backing either side of that debate. Thatcher, Heritage, CNP, Trump, Radical Zionists all support Brexit.

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1980's, economy, finance, politics, thatcher

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