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Default Brexit and a 2-state solution

It's December 2018 and I'm wondering why Brexit (and politics in general) has to force the British people to all behave in the same way, despite dividing the nation in half. In business, we get to choose from a range of products/services, but in politics we are currently stuck with an archaic political system based on the crude 'first-past-the-post' voting system in which 'the winner takes it all'.

A possible solution to the Brexit problem is to divide the country in two, but not necessarily into two separate countries, rather divide the country administratively. Computers would be needed to manage the added complexity of people and companies following different rules. I'm aware that computers and Artificial Intelligence are part of the Ruling Elite's plans.

If Brexit takes place in 2019, then it would likely contribute to the fragmentation of Britain that has already begun with Wales and Scotland implementing their own governments. England will be next, and already there are numerous regional bodies in place to manage the process. London's Mayor SADIQ KHAN was one of many pro-Europe Londoners who wanted London to be more autonomous so that it could remain in Europe.

All this fragmentation is part of the Ruling Elite's planned death of the nation state, which will see smaller regions subordinate to transnational institutions, and ultimately a global authority/world government.

This article is also in the political section of my website https://thegreatworkdecoded.com
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Rather than spend billions doing up the palace of Westminster and continuing with the confrontational seating arrangement that has served the country so badly in recent decades it would be much cheaper to purpose build a larger modern parliament building with semi circular seating as per Welsh and Scottish assemblies.

That would be a start.
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Go one step further if we stay in the EU and get rid of the Houses of Commons and House of Lords. Not needed at all.

Think of all the money that will be saved.

If we decide to leave we should move them to somewhere central, say Birmingham, instead of them being in London.
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