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Arrow Crop Circle Barbury Castle is a prime #31415926541

The reptilians are communicating with the reptilian base on the moon. I see these crop circles as being a desperate messages to the main figure head leader of the Reptilian command on the moon. The earth bound reptilians can't wait till 2012 for next armada to arrive. These crop circles are encoded messages like paragraphs of information to the command. In the video if you place 1 to the last digit, you will find a large prime number 23:44 minutes into the video. They forgot to count the last circle as 1. This prime number could yield a Mersenne prime 2p-1 which would beat UCLA mathematics Mersenne 12 million digit number. Confirm the prime # at this site.


prime number 31415926541 23:44 into the crop circle movie.

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The reptilians are communicating

I've had an experience recently of star of david's and elements of the pattern below forming, what I can only describe as, a dimensional net around me...

... as I zoom in, the enveloping pattern is fractal, and elements expand and start to warp into a spiral that 'wants' to suck me up into it. I resisted this as the second thought below occurred.

This is a new phenomena to me and I am in two minds about it.

It 'might' be something spiritual, or it might be mind control in action attempting a 'draw' into a new artificial reality.

But it made me realise the crop circles 'could' be teaching us a new pictogram based language by encoding into the global conciousness and this language leads to a new dimensional experience.

Only someone who has had this experience would have the vaguest clue of what I mean, I suspect. No, I'm not tripping. This was normal close eyed contemplation. If anyone can add anything I'd love to hear it.

If anything akin to this is linked to mind control then people have 'no idea' of the potentials. Current thoughts would be a 1 with the reality being closer to 1000... a totally matrix like reality could be a possibility , whether we are or aren't already in one.

In the same way stereograms resolve into almost a new type of focus/level/plane, this fractal net also appeared as a new dimensional plane. Like it was always there but focus only just found it. A very strange experience indeed.

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