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Default Turkey EU/NATO Coup - Turkey & Russia Relations

Who knows if it was this guy who masterminded this coup?


But before the EU referendum there was a leak that Turkey will be a member of the EU in the future as that was apparently what many western powers want. That was denied as a lie by the UK establishment.
Afraid more people would have voted leave?

They can't just change their minds overnight without some sort of just cause can they or perhaps a willing leader of Turkey also?

Then just after EU/NATO merged 8th July 2016 there is a failed coup in Turkey.

The west are fighting ISIS - apparently - which has now become Syria and every terrorist and Syrian has become ISIS.

Turkey is the gateway to Syria and making Turkey an EU member would justify an EU/NATO army base in Turkey, say to deploy more ground troops in Syria and away to out number Russians on the ground, this should not be a stretch of anyones imagination. Especially since Russia have been accused of blowing up an empty base for coalition forces in Syria... True or Propaganda to justify these type of built up forces in Syria and surrounding Russia?

It would also mean we don't allow a renegade in control from Turkey who has been slaughtering Turks also and was caught smuggling oil out of Syria using ISIS...

Now Turkey is cosying up to Russia and met certain demands they previously wouldn't, such as they gave up the man who shot down the Russian plane that was apparently in Turkeys airspace but was actually in Syria...

And you don't think the west was involved in this coup...
Why else this development of Russia, Turkey relations and them turning their back on western powers?

Politicians are as bent as those lobbying them and pushing these acts of war, when are people going to understand this instead of justifying their existence by being so ignorant to what's going on...
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