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Exclamation World of Warcraft (WoW)

World of Warcraft the popular massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). I played it long before I knew of this genre of information. It is very addictive. There's a lot of subtle subliminals in it, which are very hard to spot in such as vast game.

But somethings in it are just blatant, people collect weapons and armor. A lot of people have shields with this symbol on the back, you stumble across it quite a lot. I guess I don't need to explain what this symbol is...

There are also quite a few other armor items with this symbol on.

Players who play as 'warlocks' can actually cast a spell called metamorphosis which you get when you specialize in 'demonology' and they change into a demon:

This symbol is worked into the landscape, this is very difficult to spot as the game is so huge. It would literally take days to explore everywhere, but I got lucky with this find.

This is on the floor in the major city 'undercity'

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The button icons and interfaces contain symbolism.

There are also many subtle hints at things.

I only explored a fraction of the game whilst taking these screenshots, I'm certain theres a lot more. I've now quit the game. I don't recommend it.
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I have always thought this was another evil game thats come out today....

With the name "WAR" in it,you shouldnt expect anything less i guess......
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Great posts and welcome to the board!

Really nice finds there... yes that is incredibly blatant. Please take a look at this thread, which has alot of what you're showing. On the first page I dissect the original Warcrafts lore and how it involves Demons and dimensional portals

It's possible your thread here might end up being merged with that thread I just linked, don't take it personally it just helps the board function smoothly.
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Thanks for linking the other WoW thread, metacomet.Also, welcome aboard, xadart.

Can we please merge the 3 other WoW threads floating around? Would be nice to have one place to discuss mmorpgs and just computer/console games' symbolism.
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The symbolism is obvious, intended and blatant. Another very successful game Development Company called Bioware also loves to use the same type of symbols in their games. Especially the All Seeing Eye. Nice screenshots.
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The clue is in the title: WORLD-WAR-CRAFT?!?! What did you expect Ratchet & Clank?
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stupid game
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game, mmorpg, warcraft, world, wow

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