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Originally Posted by shinigami View Post
Is it actually possible to travel into the past?
Here I am back in May 2012.
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This looks like a time glitch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m29PQ...ature=youtu.be
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I think it would be possible to travel into the past but not in our present form. I see time as pages of a very big book. Everything that has happened in the universe is precisely written in this book. From the smallest event to the largest. Our lives are all in this book, all of our own actions and all of the actions of the universe.

The problem occurs when trying to access previous pages in our current form, you would have to cease writing on the current page in order to begin writing on what has already been written. The only way to do this would be to cease existence in your present..

In other words you would have to leave time. Once you leave time you then have access to the book. You would not be a human being anymore at this point because you would no longer have to conform to any universal rules. You would be able to access previous time periods but with this comes great responsibility. You would be able to interact with events of the past and would need to understand every mechanic in order to avoid inflicting malfunctions to a precisely formed machine. In conclusion you would require infinite wisdom i.e. God.

The question that perplexes me is , is time travel to the future possible? If it is then i dont believe the future is a blank canvas waiting to be filled in with events and our creativity. Instead it is already written. If the future is already written then how is it possible that we have a true free choice. It means that all we are , are no better than cogs in a machine. The cog might think it is performing its rotations out of free choice but in fact it is only being driven from the cog prior to it and you driving the cog ahead of you.

If you believe in prophecy then this must mean that the future is written. Which begs the question, what is the point in life? If everything that is going to come has already been scripted. We are just method actors that haven't realised that we are subconciously following a script line by line. We can see into the future... We know that the morning will have light, we know there will be seasons, and all of nature obeys these seasons. The daffodils will tell you when its near to spring, if we are to believe that we are highly evolved organisms then this must mean that all we do is obey. The daffodil obeys and flowers when it should, the bees then follow and take its nectar. Every part of nature has a job, and it always obeys. What then is our role?
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