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Default From Ethiopia to South Africa, in Africa's drought emergency


Waterways are endless and Gebre Meseret knows something. A young woman in a group of people with HIV, held in the margins of the community in a village on the edge of the world: Worer, Afar region, an arid dot on the map of Ethiopia. When the project for a "water kiosks"starts, a kiosk of bathrooms and showers with clean water, Gebre agrees to work. It works: Gebre is no longer considered a plagued, the "kiosk" has become the engine of life (and health) for the village. It happens everywhere in Africa: the water works wonders. It did? Even these small great achievements, next to the green revolution that relies on the uncertain future of the continent, are increasingly at risk. The drought - and its twin mocking, the flood - erode the progress of the last decade, maybe more of the collapse in commodity prices. From Nigeria to South Africa to Ethiopia, it is the emergency number one. After the wars. Out of 34 countries that do not have enough food in the world, 27 are in Africa. Ethiopia (100 million inhabitants) the famine of 1983-84 (1 million deaths) should be only a memory. Today Addis Ababa is a buzzing capital, where a subway line is done in a year (and even hyenas of savanna go to live). Country at two speeds. The 80 percent of the population is in rural areas, devastated by almost two years from the "double" drought-flood the result of global warming. In certain areas of agricultural production has fallen by more than 50 percent. Even the streets of drought are endless, says Roberta Rughetti AMREF Italy. Lack of water "means more malnutrition, more diseases, more deaths, more empty schools because the children have to walk hours trying to fill up a bucket." Also At Risk "kiosks" AMREF, like the one that has given meaning to life Gebre Meseret and lengthened life for the inhabitants of Worer. "Water is one of the major emergencies across the continent," says Rughetti. At least five million people at risk of survival in Ethiopia. It is a major help if only donate a gutter and a tank to a school, to preserve a bit 'of the torrential rains that devastate the little that was saved by the drought. Beyond the horizon of the Highlands, scenarios are no less gloomy. Lake Chad has dried to 90 percent. In Zambia, where 85 percent of the energy is hydroelectric, the Kariba is at 13 percent of its capacity. South Africa live the consequences of the worst post-apartheid drought. For the same reason many villages, from Senegal to Mali, are emptied of arms. The same arms clinging to boats that challenge the Mediterranean (pictured Reuters, a cow rather lean in Somalia) (Michele Farina gallery).

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