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Default Financial Manipulation of the American People


John R. Deahl

In the past and in our present, we are being manipulated through our educational system and our main stream media. This has been going on in the United States for over a century.

What people do not fully understand is we are also being manipulated financially. In the past the most apparent financial manipulation was through the Federal Reserve’s control of the banks. All the Federal Reserve had to do was lessen the required cash reserves banks had to have on hand to back the loans they had made. Normally banks had to have one dollar for every 9 to 10 dollars they had loaned out.

The Federal Reserve causes financial boom times by lessening this ratio. If a bank only has to have 6 to 7 dollars on hand to back loans, they can lend out more money.

The crash comes when the Federal Reserve requires the banks go back to the 9 to 10 ratio. Banks would have to scramble to get as much cash on hand as possible. This causes them to stop lending and foreclose on customers. The economy slows down and can almost stop.

Since everyone has had to borrow for cars, homes, college, businesses and other things, all people have debt. The international bankers have worked their best to make sure everyone has to borrow to survive.

When the cash flow is disrupted, recessions and depressions result. The international bankers know this and planned it, and use it to steal even more money from governments and the public. During these times the international bankers use these financial crises to their advantage.

In this financial crisis they received bailouts from the government. Many of the recipients used the bailout money to raise rates on customers and buy out other banks and mortgage corporations.

There has also been a backdoor swindle going on. The federal government has a program to pay more than the going value for bad mortgages; these same banks have been buying even more of the bad mortgages and selling them at a profit to the government.

This was all made possible by a couple of corrupt presidents and their appointees. Some of these appointees were the cause of the financial crisis when they worked for the banks and Federal Reserve.

By the way, this is why the gold standard was so important. Gold consistently maintained its value. When money is printed by the Federal Reserve and the bankers have a fluctuating money supply and value, this makes the value of money relative to the supply and causes inflation. If the Federal Reserve prints more money, it devalues the dollars already in circulation.

As we have seen recently, these same international bankers get laws passed or repealed during these financial hard times that benefit only them. Often times laws that are not known to the public and even to some members of congress.

In all of these cases, the international bankers have stooges in congress they have bought and paid for to do their bidding. These are the people that are killing our country.

This last financial crisis has seen more laws passed to give more power to the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury, which they are using to create a world wide banking cartel to usher in their one world government.

The current financial crisis appears to have a different purpose than the ones they have caused before. This one seems to be designed to end the United States once and for all. The international bankers want their one world government now, not later.

Let me give you an example of how little the congress cares for the public. After the financial crisis started, congress passed some banking laws. One of which was supposedly for the protection of bank credit card holders. Congress passed some restrictions on the credit card companies, but the restrictions did not go in to effect until the banks had time to defraud their customers one last time.

Before the law took effect some banks raised interest rates on their customer’s credit cards by almost double. They also tied these new interest rates to variable indexes. This means that when interest rates go up, and they will because of inflation caused by the Federal Reserve printing enormous amounts of money, the customer’s interest rates could go as high as 50% on their credit cards. Bank of America being the most notorious. They did this at the same time they were buying out other banks.

I also might add that Bank of America was one of the companies that caused the financial crisis. They were one of the leaders of credit cards and loans to illegal aliens.

But a person has to ponder the reason for this very ruthless action by the banks. At a time when people are losing their jobs, they decide to raise interest rates beyond what people will be able to pay.

For all the money that has been robbed from the public by these bankers, is it any wonder why some employees are given millions in bonuses?

If you are having a hard time coming to the realization the American public is being railroaded into despair and poverty so they will accept a one world government sold as a solution to the problems created by the very people offering the solution, then let me give you a couple more examples.

If the aim of the president, government and congress is for the welfare of the people, why have they spent the last year trying to pass government control of healthcare, which is control of the people, instead of jobs?

Why is the government under reporting unemployment and inflation? Believe me; it is not for the good of the people. By the government stating there was absolutely no inflation in 2009, the government has hurt the disabled veterans and the elderly the most. The very people they need to help the most.

You may be surprised but I am not, I know how ruthless and uncaring the government is, it was just a few years ago the Veterans Administration tried to deny disability benefits to quadriplegic veterans that had fought for the very people that were trying to deny them benefits.

I have noticed one thing hat has been blatantly absent in all the financial debates. That is the cost of the wars. Over a trillion dollars has been spent in the last decade for these wars.

If you have not realized it by now, all of this is about debt. The United States government’s debt to the international bankers. In a few years the American government’s yearly interest on the national debt will be approximately one third of the government’s yearly revenue.
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Default Gene Burnett-Jump You F*#kers (A Song For Wall St)

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