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Wink The Right Temporal Lobe And Associated Limbic Lobe

The Right Temporal Lobe And Associated Limbic Lobe Structures
As The Biological Interface With An Interconnected Universe

by Melvin Morse M.D.

All human experience is brain based. This includes scientific reasoning, mathematical deduction, moral judgement, athletic talents and spiritual intuitions and perceptions. Understanding the neurobiological basis for encounters with spiritual realities results in a new hypothesis which can be experimentally tested. .(Saver 1997) Spiritual experiences such as premonitions of death or near death experiences often includes precognition of future events or remote viewing, which make the experiences incomprehensible from the current medical model. As yet, there is no coherent theory to explain how precognition or remote viewing could work, from a brain biology point of view. This lack of a theoretical scientific model to allow interaction with an interconnected universe has led to a 100 year "skeptic" versus "believer" debate which has not advanced our understanding of human consciousness. This debate is primarily a philosophical one, between atheists and "believers". It has dominated all areas of paranormal and near-death research, and often is couched in scientific terminology.(Hansen 1992) The debate itself, by both skeptics and "believers" fulfills Carl Saganâ?Ts definition of pseudoscience, in that there is little scientific data generated and many appeals to various authorities as experts.(Sagan 1996)

The mesial right temporal lobe, hippocampus, and associated limbic lobe structures are implicated as the biological substrates of out of body and religious experiences. The evidence for this includes studies of temporal lobe pathology, direct electrical stimulation studies, studies of temporal lobe epileptics, experimental studies of near death experiences(NDEs), and clinical studies comparing ketamine and LSD experiences and the actions of associated neurotransmitters within the human brain.

Early case reports demonstrated that tumors in the temporal regions were often associated with visual hallucinations. These hallucinations included visions of "a strange looking wicked looking woman in a dress", to "pictured scenes and mirages", to flashes of light and luminous objects.(Henschen 1925, Jackson 1889-90) For example, one report of a boy with a cystic glioma in the right temporal lobe resulted in a vivid three dimensional vision of a man dressed in white.(Cushing 1921). Kennedy was one of the first to identify vividly real hallucinations of an audio-visual nature, localized outside of the body as being temporal lobe in origin.(Kennedy 1911). Many of the case reports involved patients seeing apparitions before death. This is a well documented clinical phenomenon seen in dying patients.(Barrett 1990, Ossis 1977).

Direct electrical stimulation studies of deep right temporal lobe structures broaden our understanding of this area, as they provoked out of body perceptions as well as "seeing" memories, and other elements of NDEs(Moody). For example, in Penfieldâ?Ts series, one patient stated "oh god, I am leaving my body", and another patient stated "I am half in and half out". In nearby areas in the temporal lobe, patients reported hearing heavenly music, seeing vivid hallucinations of people, and recalling past memories so vividly that they seemed to be as if a three dimensional panorama outside of the body.(Penfield 1950,1955).

A more recent study describes a patient who reported a feeling of being far away from his body on right temporal mesolimbic structure stimulation.(Gloor). Michael Persinger has developed a method of weak electrical stimulation of the right temporal lobe without neurosurgical intervention, which he used to study college students. He describes them as having a "God experience".(Persinger 1987).

Temporal epileptics describe having seizures which involve religious elements, including the sort of dramatic transformations described after near death experiences.(Morse 1992) I reported on a 12 year old girl who described leaving her physical body, traveling down a tunnel to a place she felt was heaven; not after nearly dying, but in the context of EEG findings consistent with right temporal epilepsy(Morse 1994) In one series, 88% of patients who saw themselves from a vantage point of being outside the body, or seeing oneâ?Ts one body externalized in space had a temporal lobe focus(Devinsky 1989).

Many of the experiences in temporal lobe epileptics involve phenomena such as deja vu, jamais vu, memory recall, and visual and auditory hallucinations.(Palmini 1992, So 1993). Feelings of religious ecstacy (Williams 1956) and double consciousness, meaning the simultaneous experience of oneâ?Ts ordinary consciousness and the perception of another reality are again linked to right temporal lobe epilepsy.(Mendez 1996). Religious conversion is also described. (Dewhurst 1970). Finally, Morgan (1990) makes a direct correlation between the religious ecstasies reported in the works of Dostoyevsky and seizures caused by a right temporal lobe astrocytoma. The latter involved feelings of detachment, ineffable contentment, visualizing a bright light recognized as the source of all knowledge, and seeing "Jesus Christ".

Similarities between published accounts of near death experiences and LSD and ketamine induced hallucinations provide further support for this theory. We applied Greysonâ?Ts near death experience validity scale to published accounts of LSD experiences, and found that they scored as having NDEs. We developed a model of NDEs based on serotoninergic mechanisms, localized within the right temporal lobe(Morse 1989).

Jansen has proposed a model based on similarities in ketamine experiences and NDEs. His model theorizes a neuroprotective benefit from the experiences in that the end neurotransmitter L-glutamate may be both neuroprotective and an endopsychosin. This model gives an evolutionary reason for the development of the experiences as they may protect the brain against hypoxia as well as giving an expanded sense of awareness and detachment helpful in life threatening situations..(Jansen K 1996) Ketamine also acts in the mesiotemporal lobes and associated limbic lobe structures.(Morse 1989).

Brain Wiring

Neural pathways form a mesh, with yellow representing language and connecting the frontal lobe on the left to the temporal lobe on the right,
and the purple curlicue representing Broca's area, which coordinates speech.
Image by: http://danhagen-odinsravens.blogspot.com/2013/02/you-are-here.html

In the aforementioned studies, virtually all of the authors describe right temporal lobe experiences as "hallucinations". Dorland defines a "hallucination" as a sense perception not based in objective reality. However, those who describe near death experiences, as well as ketamine induced visions state that the experiences are real, and involve the perception of a "real" God.(Morse 1990, Jansen, personal communication). Furthermore, it is clear from both clinical and experimental evidence that near death experiences are in fact the dying experience and are not artifacts of resuscitative efforts, hypoxia, treatment with drugs such as morphine, or hypercarbnia(Morse 1986, 1991; Whinnery 1990) We now have an experimental method of inducing near death experiences, the high speed centrifuge used to study the effects of increased gravity on fighter pilots. They have "dreamlets" similar to near death experiences, at the point when blood flow theoretically is stopping in their temporal lobes(Jim Whinnery, personal communication 1997).

There is reason to believe that there are other realities to perceive. Mathematical Physicist Paul Davies points out that there are three generations of leptons and quarks, the fundamental building blocks of the universe. The electron has the corresponding muon and tauon, and there are corresponding quarks with different spins, resulting in 12 basic entities of matter. This reality is based on electrons and up and down quarks, and the other particles only last for a fraction of a second in this universe. It is reasonable to speculate that there are other realities which are muon or tauon based with different quark pairs.(Davis 1992).

Molecular biologist De Duve has concluded that there is a cosmic imperative to develop conscious life.(de Duve 1995) It is respectable to speculate that such a cosmic imperative would exist in other "worlds" as well. This provides a possible solution to the current clinical problem in which healthy non-psychotic persons perceive other realities and beings while in altered states of consciousness.(Hufford 1982).

A number of speculative books written by mathematicians and theoretical physicists discussing these issues are numerous, going all the way back to Wolfgang Pauli who teamed up with Carl Jung to develop the concept of the collective unconscious.(Schrodinger 1944, Zukav 1979, Capra 1976, Tiller 1997, Gleick 1987, Peat 1987, Bohm D 1987, Wheeler in Buckley and Peat 1979) All of these books emphasize that theoretical physics contains the concept of a non-local reality, meaning that events can be independently linked even though there are no forces interconnecting them. Time and space are not immutable constants in sub-atomic reality.

Paul Davies concludes in his book The Mind of God: "We have cracked the cosmic code. We, who are animated stardust, have a glimpse of the rules on which the universe runs. How we have become linked into this cosmic dimension is a mystery. Yet the linkage cannot be denied." Michio similarly comments that it is not hard to formulate the mathematical principles underlying 10 dimensions. "What is hard is to understand how we can communicate and interact with them."

There are three ways of understanding how the human brain could have non-local interactions with other realities. Humans could have 1) non-local interactions with other "worlds", or 2) have non-local interactions in the phenomenal world mediated by the higher (10 or 11) dimensional physical model of reality of which our world is a dimensional reduction. The problem with these two models is that the former involves unknown and currently non-testable mechanisms of interaction. The latter requires energy sources seemingly beyond the ability of the human brain. (personal communication Chris Clarke, Southhampton University).

I am proposing a third model in speculating that our right temporal lobe allows for non-local interactions within our ordinary reality due to quantum non-locality. That such interactions are possible is documented by the Aspect experiments. Tippler(1994) has proposed a timeless-spaceless omega point within conventional 4D space-time which would explain such interactions. He details a series of experiments that would confirm or invalidate its existence.

Near death experiences and visionary experiences in general may simply be the clinical descriptions of our right temporal lobe accessing information from a timeless space-less non-local reality. These visions often contain precognitive elements such as those documented in parents who have had infants die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.(Hennsley JA 1993) If there is a reality independent of time, then precognition would be theoretically possible.

If we can access a non-local reality, then "paranormal" abilities could be analyzed as being based on normal right temporal lobe function. For example, remote viewing is well documented in the laboratory and is shown to be independent of time and distance(Dunne 1987,Utts 1996) . If we are able to access non-local reality, remote viewing would not only be possible, but expected to be independent of time and space.

Sheldrake has already proposed a model of "morphic forms". These are patterns of energy in nature which correspond to the physical bodies, memories, and behaviors of living organisms. I am adding to this model the speculation that our right temporal lobe is the mediator of morphic resonance, the postulated interaction between our brains and morphic forms. Becker(1985,1990) presents evidence that biological resonance and absorption and even transfer of energy occurs at the specific frequency range at which the hydrogen atom proton is effected by nuclear magnetic resonance. He demonstrates that Chi Gong practitioners can effect the NMR spectrum of certain chemicals. He also makes the intuitive connection that healers may be accessing morphic forms in non-local reality and using that interaction to correct flaws in the body's energy template.

Many of the illnesses which respond best to mind-body interventions such as cancers and autoimmune diseases, may be understood as responding to the correction of DNA through morphic resonance, mediated by the right temporal lobe. Kelleher(1998) has described a model through which spiritual events could result in a change in our DNA as evidenced by transpon activity, although he does not mention the right temporal lobe. Remarkable healings in cancer patients have been anecdotally linked to dissociative events and near death experiences.(Hirshberg 1995) Benson(Hirshberg page 125) states that his studies of meditation by Yoga Masters indicates "that there is a source of energy within the human body other than one's we are currently aware of". Again, circumstantial evidence links meditation with right temporal activity. Benson finds a common element in meditation is to try to find a timeless state of consciousness, and suggests that patients use the same sort of imagery seen in spiritual visions.(Benson 1992) Often dissociative experiences, previously documented as right temporal lobe in nature, are the by-products of meditation.

There is some evidence linking paranormal events and right temporal lobe function. Deja vu and premonitions are documented on right temporal lobe stimulation(Mullan 1959).

Professional mediums often have anomalous findings on temporal lobe EEGs(Nelson 1970) Several authors have found an increase in subjective paranormal experiences in subjects who also demonstrated "temporal lobe lability", meaning that they had an increased number of minor symptoms associated with temporal lobe epilepsy, but never had a seizure.(Persinger 1993, Neppe VM 1981, Makarec K 1990) Anomalous experiences of all types have been localized to the temporal lobes, by Neppe(1984).

Targ and Katra(1998) have already pointed out similarities between mind-body healing, remote viewing, and postulated interactions with a non-local universe. Both remote viewers and spiritual healers report dissociative experiences as triggering events for their abilities. (Targ and Katra, McMoneagle1993).

There are experiments that could be done to validate or disprove my hypothesis. DNA transpon activity can be measured, and alterations by spiritual events or near death experiences documented. It is also possible that spiritual experiences could cause measurable alterations in the human immune system, similar to those seen in studies of personality profiles.(Ader 1991) If a biological marker for dissociative events could be identified, then the presence or absence of that marker could be evaluated in a variety of situations including spiritual healings, remote viewing studies, and electrical stimulation induction of spiritual experiences. Hameroff has proposed that protein microtubules within nervous system cells mediate energy interactions between the brain and non-local reality.(Hameroff 1997, 1998) The presence of these microtubules could be looked for within the right temporal lobe. Presence or absence of these proteins could also be correlated with the aforementioned clinical situations. Clinical studies could be done of paranormal abilities such as remote viewing after right temporal lobe stimulation. There is some evidence that electromagnetic field activity can alter paranormal abilities (Haraldsson E 1987). These types of studies could be applied to Chi Gong and spiritual healing as well.

This new model of an interactional universe mediated by our right temporal lobes explains more data than previous models. It has specific areas that can be proven or disproven by reproducible experiments. I predict that even if this proposed model ultimately does not withstand the test of time, a new understanding of human consciousness will result in investigating it.

Bibliography : http://www.spirit-web.org/mysteries/the-right-temporal-lobe-and-associated-limbic-lobe-structures-as-the-biological-interface-with-an-interconnected-universe

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Lightbulb True Spirit Wisdom knowledge of all Spirit beings

You like the lie or you like the Reality?

All should think very long & careful about what the words are saying here.

Spirituality lives within truth & the good works and is just a choice away from you.

Believes & believers live within lies and are of the walking dead.

Your Body, Heart, Feelings Soul & all your simple beliefs will do this for keeps 100% proven biological Fact! >>>>>

Only your worthwhile true Spirit parts you giving will stay forever the same:
All true Spirit parts will stay on Earth & are of the immortal!

All the Murdering hero's are quickly forgotten about ...........
only the Evil once keeping up there promotion of Evil & death promotions through there Cult like being ceremony's & sacrifices of death and there worship of the death.

Only the dead once giving respect to the dead .......
Spirits do not; because they do not ever die in the first place being part of Earth forever! .... 1 + 1 = 2

What you have given to nature & the Earth will always be part of Earth for eternity! YES/NO?

Once all the leaders of the Evil murderers & all there pimp helpers are wiped of Earth permanently in the End with all there propaganda story's of equal type; will be forgotten about very, very quickly.

Satan = Satanic anti truth are nobody's! >>>

Only the Evil gang worshipping or gives respect to the dead & what has died and was murdered by them (Satanic Sacrificial activity's)..........
all there futures are guaranteed for doom & are doomed in the End.

Because once the dead have died twice; there is & will not be one true single Spirit being on Earth or from the so called true Heavenly place which would ever, ever, ever care anything about the bad, evil, dead or those which creating all the bad, evil, dead & death. >>> TRUST ME & ALL TRUE SPIRITS!

All these places will have no more reason to ever be remembered once the Spirit has taken the lead.
Places like these will not be worshipped or even talked about any more in the coming Future once all the Spirits & there ways have finally taken back the Earth.
War will not be talked about in any Spiritual school of the future.
No more worshipping of the satanic evil ways ever! Dead, dead and forgotten forever & eternity!

Only the protectors of live & the living will be worshipped in the future generations of all Spirit beings ........ & never
the remembrance of death, war & satanic like murdering........ Mark my words.
All these graves of evil will be returned to the Earth and all there stones will be turned over & forgotten about! For comm & sense reasons!

No more teaching of Wars and death ......... the real future to come as it was written in the wise man's scriptures!

Seth = Spirits eternal truth heavens >>>>

Spirit beings do not ever care about death or the dead & all there story's ever told; they only concerned about the good and living while alive & to keep the good alive & living forever.

That's why all true Spirit beings live forever & can not ever die;
because Spirit beings have all one thing in common which is the good & they are of one single unmoveable race moving along with the source instructions.

All the Spirits of the historical past (those which loved the living & the good) never differ by just one spot from any Spirits right now or of all futures Spirits to follow.

Spirits are Spirits & are no difference from one to another working & looking after one and the same = the living, the once alive & the good = Guaranteed immortality.

So are you one of us or are you with the dead once which will forever be of the forgotten dead.

Your Choice to make; to be one of the unmoveable race or to be one of the forever dead once.

Simple really once you figured out the truth being supporter of the good & all Spirits which never stopped moving on Earth.

So you like to become immortal .............


Its not a matter of any believes or believing its 100% hard core truth from my side. (the true Spirit Wisdom & knowledge of all Spirit beings!)

I made my choice already long, long time ago so I know where I AM already & I will never go anywhere not even after I went back to the Earth where I chosen to be & came from.

The (the Beginning is where the End is)! You came from it & its in your full power to return to it by just finding the beginning of yourself which is your own Spirit being as in being one! ...........

Once you made yourself of the living Spiritual essence of Earth;
which is the Spirit being alive you can not ever be forgotten; because the Spirits are one in source & essence and truly a part of Earth!
(Yes the symbolical story confirmed that Adam has been placed into the Centre of Earth)

So what is in the centre of Earth = The Spirit Adam/Atom

So really, really freaking true!

Are you from Earth; or are you one of the Aliens from another place than Earth?
If you already a Spiritual essence of Earth then you are immortal already & will never die as long Earth is part of the Universe. Billions of more years to come.....

Real truth & my Spirit written these Words and not my Body or Soul! ......... All Spirits on Earth are my witness what I said is of truth.

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truth addict
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Yeah but are the masses on Iceland aware of the satanic, freemasonic, zionist etc conspiracy? Did they revolt just because they were getting poor and not because their kids get vaccinated, the spraying of chemtrails and the farce of education? If they did, then this is only a partial victory for them. The majority of the population must know the truth if we want some lasting chage, without some satanic network creeping back USING THEIR FINANCIAL HEGE-MONEY when things get calm again. The people won´t see them coming because they don´t even know they exist! And that´s the main problem. They cannot understand the deep esoteric nature of these collectives, and think they are all about "the money" and "power", which is funny because they already have these two, what they want is implement their plan on you! Especially wrong is the money part which is the most used by the masses, money is one thing they don´t precisely lack because literally they produce it. Yes they want power, and control, and money, but at the top this is wanted so you can be properly farmed by the aliens/daemon who command the "Illuminati". More than anything, they want our soul, maybe even literally.

Regardless of how much you love yourself adn others there is still a very ancient and powerful network of satanists and parasitic entities ruling the world. Love them, love yourself, they will still force you to work like a slave, create hunger, vaccinate kids, spray aluminum... Oh wait you don´t want that, what are you gonna do, love them until they are destroyed?

Are we really going to deal with these people with a non compliance dance, or with love? They own the police and the military, keep loving´em, that makes no difference. What matters now is designing some method to awaken the masses at a larger scale, especially the armed ones. When enough people is awakened a peaceful or not peaceful revolution will be possible, until then we are a minuscule minority rambling in forums and getting ridiculed and ignored in real life.

If we could hack into the television and get some message with convincing proofs of the conspiracy...


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Exclamation Spiritual growth... or at least my path Part 1

Originally Posted by oiram View Post
From Topic:
Spiritual growth... or at least my path Part 1

More I'm thinking about this issue; more it makes sense!

My question was always why are people the way they are & what made them the way they doing things?

The weak easily corruptible Soul is the only way to get into the persons mind!

No one will enter the Spirit or a Spiritual minded individual; because its self governing & can only be accessed by the individual themselves.

So it makes totally logical sense why the evil powers for starters trying to stop all from being concerned or even starting to research into any Spiritual subjects!
Except those which they are controlling through there own organisations.

That's why they playing there word games & making out through indoctrination & by using all there fully controlled and manipulated Religious organisations & there trained drone heads that the Soul & Spirit are the same thing ....

The controllers understanding very well what the Spirit/Spiritual mind can course & does.
But they don't know what it really is or how to find and get to it! >>> Lucky us!

That's why those which are truly connected to there own Spirit are totally save from any external manipulations!

That's why the TV, movies & commercials are like a never ending repeating monotone endless tape like recorder.

Is this not how hypnosis works in the first place repeating things over and over until the weak easily corruptible & manipulatable soul gives up & submits to all this boring never ending stuff.
It must be a bit like falling into a sleep-like situation.


Fits into the Adam symbolical story where the chief ruler places a Vail over Adam putting him in a sleep-like stage. Yes it makes logical sense in this context.

Also its clear Adam at that time was still without his Spirit because his Son the symbolical (Seth [Spirit mind power]) was not born yet!
But this symbolical meaning (Seth image) is not something which gets born externally of a Men but actually in a thinking 4D meaning way its born from within! ...... Hence: Son of Men!

The day the symbolical Spiritual Seth was born ..........
Adam had awoken & the evil ruler which called himself God could not manipulate Adam any more because his inner Spiritual eye (Seth) was wide open.
That's what got the evil pissed off so he kicked him out of his garden (the Evil once World self created garden) because Adam did not listen any more because his own inner Vail was lifted.

Yes it fully fits into with the mysterious story's of the past!


Yes those which have been manipulated through there Soul can 100% get out of there evil circle by activation of there inner Spirit power. (Spirit power over Soul & Body)

Get into your soul mind through hypnosis flush out all the old repetition memories & surrender after the flushing your soul to the Spirit.

Makes perfectly sense......... in physical 3D & non physical 4D minded understanding ways & terms.

Wow will the rulers (self made God's) be & get pissed if the people flushing there indoctrinated memory's & getting totally off there MSM.

Now you all may also understand why there are so many agents here which trying very hard by all means to stop for such knowledge to find its way into the global population.


Get rid of your TV its the number one priority I say!! ......... if you have the full WILL to reset your memory banks you will do it??

All form of MSM should be totally discarded no matter how hard it is if you truly like to brake free from this external manipulation Monster which is 6000 years old already!

No its not easy to do; but it can 100% be done! ......... Many others did it already!

Get together & help each-other to get out of this evil circle of control over your body's & soul.

Every time you feel to go back to your TV, Movies & MSM tools just force yourselves & go see your friend which are on your frequency & thinking ways instead; to keep productively busy!

Even now the Internet becomes the same danger because they turning it to there second MSM system as you all can see clearly.

For those which are not connected to there Spirits yet say away from all sorts of MSM.

And if you do use the Internet choose your places you look at very carefully & target the things which truly could be of help for you!

As soon you feel someone tries to get into your head with manipulating monotone stuff stop the communication straight away.
Don't get involved or argue with these Robots ever being employed through & by there system.

Make yourself a sort of check list what signs & signals you should watch out for so you will not fall back into the soul only trap.

I smell these individuals from a mile away because my Spirit is already in full control & other Spirits do too.

But for those which are still working on there soul memory flushing you got to be very carefully which whom you communicate this could even include your own family members in cases!

Remember that the Soul only beings are like a transmitter antenna to themselves & each other once there programming was successfully whenever that happened in the past to the individual.

YES, YES YES ........... This is a true way out >>>
de-program yourselves under all costs & self-sacrifices you may have to make; the only way out of this entire mess!
It will truly pay off in the end ..... trust those which are Spiritually connected already!
To find these Spirit beings listen to there words & what they are saying & the way they saying it!

Spiritual beings are not forcing you ever; they will only point the way & say the rest is in your court. Yes they will get excited about things; but they will not force things ever!
Manipulators don't do this they will just keep forcing the stuff onto you like there designed programming does & all there university trained puppet & paid pimps doing it!

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Lightbulb I AM my name & not a name or word is I

Then when your time has finally come & your deprogramming was a total and full success.

And someone approaches you & says >>>> "Who are you & what is your Name?"

Your newly understood Spirit and Spiritual answer with confidence could be >>>>

>>>> I AM my Spirit and I AM my name & not a name, number or any word is I <<<<

That is the time when you are home & saved yourself.

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Lightbulb The Ever-Burning Lamp & Spark of the Spirit Light

Just a spontaneous idea popped into my head >>>>

The Ever-Burning Lamp The Spark of the Spirit Light

Could this be the Keystone knowledge; the light giving tool within the inner Cave & is what the Ark/Arc/Arch connection was all about; in a physical & Spiritual philosophical way .....
the Special designed Box with different metals types creating Electrical current which keeps the Spark of Light going indefinite & into eternity in a Spiritual way of thinking?

Very interesting stuff ........ I may get closer to the truth mystery of it all?
I like to see the real Ark giving a constant Spark frequency because of it special design of our intelligent Forefathers being already highly advanced in there way & within there practical ideas!

The ordinary Englishman of to-day considers the idea of a lamp which should be ever-burning only less absurd than the idea of perpetual motion.

To the dabbler in modern science it is but little less absurd, but to the deepest thinkers, (Like myself!)and to Rosicrucians, a scintilla of light appears on this mysterious subject. >>> Well look what I got out of it in my gif image below?

The true adept has discovered that although Nature is bound in general laws which seem universal, yet in Nature herself evidence may be found, when properly searched for, that at certain times and seasons, and in certain modes, unknown to us, her laws are over-ridden and replaced by a power to which she, the mighty mother, has herself to bow.

The pages of the history of the world present to us many instances of such events, which we generally class as miracles; some of them are as well authenticated as any points in ancient history. The Israelitic passage of the Red Sea, the swallowing of Jonah by a whale which brought him forth again alive, and the Ascension of Jesus, are examples.

The power of prophesy is a contradiction of the ordinary powers of earthly beings, and is so far miraculous. Angel visitors come but rarely now from the realms of glory; is heaven more distant? Or have men grown cold?

Rosicrucians are nothing if not Christians, and Christians have ever believed in miracle, or have ever acknowledged the existence of an Omnipotence who can act at times in such a manner as to leave the traces and steps of the process so hidden as to tempt scoffers to doubt, and doubters to scoff.

But although perpetual motion be but a dream to us earthbound mortals, we do not doubt a future perpetual existence, and it is as reasonable to picture to our self a perpetual flame, as an Eternity of Life. The ancient Egyptian priests pictured life as a flame. The Great Master of the Temple of this world being omnipotent, and able to do all things, does not usually proceed by miracles, or they will not be prized as such; an essence of miracle is rarity, a miracle imitated is not a second miracle.

Ordinary events, then, being the extreme of opposition to miracle, there are yet events of a third and intermediate type, marvels, which cannot be understood by the people, but which are yet the product of a special gift to certain men, their spirits, minds, and bodies, who by due, careful, and sufficient training, wisdom and experience, have earned such a reward.

Such should the typical Rosicrucian be, a terrestrial earthly Body, the Temple in which dwells a mind trained to understand the powers of Nature, and enshrined within this, as a canopy, should sit a Divine afflatus, a portion of the Spirit of God, an ala of the Celestial Dove who brooded over the chaos, and this spirit may by patent submission to Deity, and by active efforts at power, draw down to itself a commission to work wonders, and so do "not as other men do."

The great tendency of the modern times has been to reduce all men to a level, a dead level, of mediocrity, an effort fatal to the supremacy of individuals, and which has tended to discourage research into the Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science, as opposed to the parrot-like study of what are known as modern sciences, a study of enormous value to mankind, but yet not the stepping stones on the direct road to Deity.

History then narrates the lives of many men, who, from the exhibition of uncommon powers and transcendent abilities and wisdom, are pointed out as the possessors of what we may fairly call occult Inspiration, "Poeta nascitur non fit;" but I should add "Magus nascitur non solum fit."

No accident of birth alone can make a Magician, but intensity of duly directed effort may do so in a certain number of persons with specially favorable mental powers. We may be all born with an equal right to existence; but it is absurd to say we are all to be chiefs or Magi, for, as we are told in the Master's Degree, "some must rule, and some obey."

In 1484 died Christian Rosenkreuz, our great prototype; he was such a man; by the dispositions he made, and the Society he designed, he shook the whole Christian world for a century of years, and laid the first stones of the edifice we are still building to-day. In his tomb, when it was opened by the Fratres, in 1604, or 120 years after his decease, were found, besides other mysterious articles, lamps of a special and peculiar construction; hence the study of Sepulchral Lamps is one particularly germane to us.

The discovery of lamps in ancient sepulchres, in some cases extinguished, in others burning with brilliance, was no rarity in the middle ages; but the destroying hands of the Goth and the Vandal have left few ancient tombs for modern research to explore. We have to content ourselves with the observations and reports of our forefathers, the narratives of Arabian, Roman, and mediaeval authors. No fewer than 170 such authorities have written on this subject. Many of these references, in Greek and Latin literature, to lucent bodies, phosphorescence, and "mystic lamps found in tombs," deserve study, and will repay perusal.

The Darkness of Death and the Darkness of the Tomb are, and have ever been, common phrases; no wonder, then, that the ancients sought to minimize it. Hence we find that the relatives of a deceased person were desirous of relieving the gloom hanging over the grave of a beloved wife, kind parent, or respected brother, by any means in their power.

To include in the tomb a lamp and leave it burning was a kindly attention, even if it burned but one short hour; it was an offering to Pluto, to the Manes; it kept away spirits of evil, and preserved peace to the dead man: this knowledge of the limited time such a lamp could possibly remain alight acted, doubtless, as a stimulus to the discovery of a means of prolonging the burning power of a lamp indefinitely, and if I read history aright, in at least a few instances, the problem has been solved; so far at any rate as the manufacture of a lamp which should burn until deranged by the barbarian invader of its precincts.

I shall narrate a few examples, premising that these are instances of different modes of obtaining the desired effect; besides these instances the ancient Latin authors speak of the use as illuminants, not alone of lamps, but of natural lucent bodies, which would suffice to dispel the gloom to some slight extent. Such were the diamond, the carbuncle, the glow-worm, the exposure of phosphorus to the air, the ignition of certain substances which burn alone without any wick or arrangement, such as camphor, which will burn even floating on water.

The presence of a combustible gas, which issues from clefts in the rock in some mines and caverns, seems to have been known, and was probably taken advantage of by the ancient sages to enhance the mystery and majesty of their secret rites.

It is very possible that some of the priests of old were aware of the lucent property of some forms of sulphide of calcium, which have attracted much attention the last few years, in the shape of luminous paint.

I will submit also that references exist in the history of remote ages to suggest the mysterious light now so freely handled and produced by electricity was not unknown to the ancient sages.

Numa, King of Rome, studied electricity, and left pupils of his art, of whom we are told was his successor Tullus Hostilius, who was destroyed whilst endeavoring to draw down from heaven and coerce the electric fluid from thunder clouds, or, as they said, front Jupiter Tonans.

Ever-Burning Lamp within the Cave; The Spark of the Spirit Light

The Light (Lamp) which should ever burning?
Makes sense to me; in two distinctive ways but they both connected because one can not be without the other.
No Mind, no Spirit will; no idea for anything!

Like 1 + 1 = 2 = the (Idea/inner/Pillar) the (x Spark/Star/Ark/Arc/Arch-connection +) the (Creative/inner Will/Power/Pillars/Poles) equals result out of the union of (the two/resulting Light/Star Wisdom/the /Sun Light/ the Sons Light/ the shining Star Child)

The two Pillar symbolical; also the two winding Snake ( like two wires (+ -)) around centre positioned lighting rod with the pineal top type to have a stabilised constant flame creation; the Firing Spark between the two snake heads lightening up he pineal top positioned on top of the rod too Light up the Lamp!

YES, yes, yes makes logical sense!
The Symbolism fits 100%
Look at the Box construction.
The highlow shown in images around the head your arms are the Poles/Pillars. The firing neurons within the brain (the inner light an Spark).
The Ark/the connecting light Arc; the Spark of light.

Click Image to enlarge

All the Images:
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_jjUumMJMtk...k_covenant.jpg http://www.jetav8r.com/Vision/Ignition/spark2.jpg

Maybe this was what it is all about ...... the "a scintilla of light " >a lamp which should be ever-burning<.
The creation and design of a box with different materials which react in specific condition which then produce a Electrical
current which then again creates a repeating Frequency Spark action between the close points of the wing section.
The Electrical arc which is so bride you could not bare to look at if great enough current is produced like a high voltage lightening strike.

But on the philosophical side it also could point clearly to your ever creating, creative & constructive logical Spiritual mindset! ...... the "a scintilla of light " >a lamp which should be ever-burning<.

Also like a inner light, Flame, Fire (Spark) which gives light & which never can be extinguished.
Same here; if the spiritual inner light gets active no one can bare to look at it (all can not look a the light of truth) it wil blind the onlooker.

The Ark, the Arc the Spark of knowledge & truth = the Spirit Mind & Will of resulting Wisdom ...... the light you can not bare to look at!
The ever burning Fire (Flame, Sparks) within the darkness of the inner cave illuminating the entire cave & inner Earth where Adam was buried.

And he said: let there be light ......... & it was so!

could I possibly have found something of importance?

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