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Default Quantum Computers

A Q-bit is described as having a on and off and to other properties in between. Look at it this way. (00, 01,10,11) So, if you have a 256 bit computer then one register can hold 1024 bits of information. (one page) Why bother?

They can print 256 core computers. They can up the speed by using gallium chips. they can print 2 megabyte registers with full ladder logic between dual registers. They can make a conventional computer run rings around the quantum computer they are describing. Where is the advantage?

D-wave on the other hand may be worth pursuing. That is another story and is a ways down the road. You have to ask yourself why computers are not advancing as they should. They parse out parts to us wringing money for each item. They have designs ten generations ahead and they are not that different from what they are selling now.

A little lost knowledge here. The American Computer Company years ago was pissed that Bell Laboratories got the transistor. They had their hands in on everything too. Among the boxes of information from reverse engineered alien technology they had computer designs. Silver atoms printed precisely were placed in a configuration that made capacitors. (bits) I believe there was 5 in the arrangement for each cap. Using only enough energy to expand the atoms the system was very low current creating very little heat. The atoms would then lock on creating a on bit. The point being that you could put an incredible main chip on a very small substrate and have a hard drive the size of a quarter. Those hard drives were built. Probably (speculating the entire computer), was built soon after the introduction of the transistor.

I viewed this information because a hacker left a link and description on the net. To whomever that was I am eternally grateful.
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I wish I was a quantum computer, I didn't understand one 'bit' of that.
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hidden technology

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