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Default A Newbie Ramble - Because I need to. Still trying to make sense.

Yea we are in this together ... but here is my take, my confusion. I'll share it for what it's worth in case there are any like minded people that would like to assist.

How do we get off our knees? How do we spread the message and what is the message?

I was chewed up by the church as a child and spat out in my teens. It took a lifetime to unlearn. Now I am called the devil and have been disowned. My brother was not so lucky. He killed himself back in 2014.

I was already in the transition of turning to new age "stuff" and dabbled in eastern philosophy. Sadly my brother before his opting out had a hard time processing any of the new information I was offering. He went to his early grave full of blame and shame. It was quite tragic - it still is.

It was several years before that something in me clicked. I started using bio feedback and self hypnosis + guided meditation with great success. I tuned into nature and felt a new lease of life welling up in me. Eventually this period waned - but - it left a lasting positive impression on me. I'm not sure why this honey moon period was as it was. I think I had more learning to do as my intuition as I had come to learn it, reasoned that I was once again being subject to the same old BS I had previously endured with the church. A sense of club mentality, dogmatic systems of belief with obvious hierarchical systems. Every one was talking about "The Secret" How to look more attractive, gain more money, wealth, more status. Anything you wanted all you had to do was read this book and just beleive what ever you wanted into existence.

I still found it fascinating knowing to well the same fallibility that I saw within the charismatic, Pentecostal and Evangelical churches was rife with these new fang dangled soon to be what I later refereed to as plastic yuppietarians whom many later went went the the way of cereal packed namastes. Basically I lost myself to an overwhelming bitterness during those years as I felt that was no answers in site. It was as if everyone was simply buying whatever BS hit the shelves.

Some how that light that had previously come to life in me the years before ... still kept lit like the pilot light of a hot water system. I stopped labeling these followers of whatever book/way and or guru worshiping and just accepted it was what is was and is what it is. I focused more on the bits of info each of these systems were hijacking, rehashing and reselling from the other. Perhaps hijacking is to strong a word as by this time I started becoming a lot less judgmental and more interested in the art of gleaning.

I came across mindfulness which really helped. By way of Jon Kabt-Zin. His Google presentation which was the beginning of my sub 2 hour video all you could eat buffets. I also downloaded his audio book Everywhere You Go There You Are book. Shortly after this I started taking in Eckhart Tolle. I listened to the both for hours and hours. Pod casting on my walks ... text to speech and on and on. The stuff these guys had to offer really sank in well for me (although I am a slow leaner)

THEN ... comes the Zeitgeist Series. This was just as much an eye opener. I had to be careful not to get caught up losing myself as a sense of something similar to what I saw in the new age movement seem to be rife on our local Facebook group. The Australian one. Is hard to explain. My wife and I found the wider world sites to be less negative and more open to seeking solutions, but the home chapter was very segregated in their views. People who had more status and money seemed to be more open to each other and less receptive to those who had less to offer. After trying to reach out and seeing this ... we opted out and simply just kept the info we had gleaned and shared it with family and friends. Many of who were not ready to accept.

THEN ... I came across a guy on Youtube called RICH who was talking about sole contracts. I think I was searching about something else but you know how it goes. Then things lead to the Demiurge and I'm like WTF is this shit? BUT I was absolutely intrigued with the psychology and how it fit in line with the Zeitgeist Series revelations re control mechanisms. All I need do was remove the images of reptilian aliens that popped up in my head and I was like WOW ... this story makes a lot of sense. I even thought it crossed well with the reincarnation scenarios of eastern philosophies to which in my then view was quite depressive; another form of imprisonment and punishment. The latter I now don't see quite the same although still do.

I popped back and forth between RICH's channel and a website he mentions that I can no longer find. Eventually I grew tired of the story as it just seemed to be constantly on doom and gloom. I was however very interesting in the OBEs ... BUT not from your usual teen age / immature mentality. Again ... I had to sift through all the club/cult mentality and hysteria often associated with such fascinating dramas. I was looking to go within not to escape ... however next comes the doubt bind.

Introducing Alan Watts. Everything is now a double bind. Again ... fascinating stuff. I've already read in here a few views that find this gentle giant all doom and gloom. I'm not sure I completely agree with that assessment because there is just too much I don't know. I can only judge my own assessments and still I don't know enough - but the common theme is that's totally OK ... and in fact a requirement in order to grow. lol That is not to say we ignore the truth ... but a level of ignorance need not be a bad thing.

Terence McKenna and a host of other names I have crossed paths with ... which about brings me to my capacity in this post. It's taken Years of gleaning and self reflection on a heart felt level. Over the last 3 and a half years I have lost a 3rd of my body weight and kept it off, no longer on antipsychotics and won back the respect of my family and peers. This I only mention to attest to the truth I have gleaned being somewhat of a salvation for me.

So it was not long ago I discovered David Icke and I really like the way he tells the demiurge story. I have to admit though ... I really do care less about the control mechanisms on our planet right now. I mean no offense to those that gain a lot of comfort from clinging to such things. I just feel there is something bigger happening in my point of time and the bigger scheme of things. I am more attracted on the discourse that relates to energy transfers, consciousness, inter dimensions, relationships of concepts, contexts and more of the underlying dynamics that can be used to help us make connections that count and offer more than just hope. Although hope is better than the constant selling of fear that's hijacked in the same way new age paper backs seem to proclaim their own ways to prosperity and success. The latter being the other end of the scale which is as depressive in other ways.

Righto ... I pull up now. Srry if I have made no real points. It was indeed a ramble. One I have been wishing to sift through for quite some time.

I just wish I could work out what it is that I wish to accomplish by taking more of the alien scenario in. I know it's another level of remaining open and I know that's been extremely healing for me. Stripping away layers of old ideals and beliefs is a powerful thing, but I also think there is room to adopt more ... but only if those new ones I take on board can be as easily peeled.

Yea ... I best give up although can't really say I am ahead.

Thanks for listening and letting me open up. If you feel anything that's of worth to say then by all means please do so. I sense there is a lot of negativity out there ... but will just ignore as is recommended to me. I use the ignore feature earl on and just stay in touch with those of you who come across in tune. I can always switch back latter if need be.

The spiritual element that tends to compassion and kindness can often be misconstrued as whimsical and I understand why. Oh Dear ... Oh Darling ... and so on ... forgive the generalizing as is not that simple to gauge with intuition ... just trying to make a point. Moreover just how threatening compassion and kindness is to those who thrive on fear. So it is that I prefer to stick with the dears and darlings despite my own reservations going down that route. Smiles.

Oh Dear ...

Once again ... thanks for the space and thanks for listening.

Sweet Dreams.

PS - Forgive the typos ... sever dyslexia
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