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Default Changing words

I just read this article on Australian news about changing the words the weather bureau uses to influence people.

When you change the words from plain English (or whaterver language) to a variation of the truth, it congers up a different image in everyone's perception. That perception would depend on the person being an optimist or a pessimist and every other experience they have along the way for them to translate the words into something meaningful.

This article is just about the weather but this is an example of how they have changed our language along the way to project a different image than the truth of everything. We need to keep digging and researching to uncover the truth in everything.

When I was reading the bible many years ago, I didn't understand the KJV much at all, so I immediately got out my concordance and dictionary, then added some Greek and Hebrew dictionaries and I soon had a better picture of the truth and from then on took most of the bible with a grain of salt. To me it is like a fable with a principle behind it all, but you cannot take it literally as the churches and millions of sheep do. Of course there is still truth and wisdom in the bible, but it is scattered in the tales.

The truth is always still there to be discovered, it is now just hidden, for those are willing to lift the veil and look beyond.

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Whatever is going on now is the same as was going on then as regards narrative and commentary and for the same reasons. We don't evolve that fast for things to be any different and whether then or now the grip of an individual or organisation on the totality is equally tenuous.
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