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Originally Posted by nickatnoon61 View Post
I'm a vegan,but I'm trying to eat less dairy products,because I know cow's milk isn't good for you either.

Trumansho, a vegan eats NO dairy whatsoever. You obviously haven't explored all of the many options/replacement food to meat and dairy! There are tons of websites with recipes,etc. Be creative! Your health is the most important thing you have!
Man, it's dangers in everything and everywhere thanks to FDA (Fraudulant
Deceiving Assholes) . I don't eat meat,but and If I do eat things with dairy products. I do it in moderation.
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Originally Posted by nickatnoon61 View Post
Yeah Tru, I saw them(Beatles) at Empire Stadium in the early 60s. The fanatical fans(young screaming girls) are "plants" to create a hysteria, to bring in the Illuminati "rock and roll" agenda! There is nothing "man made" in our Matrix reality, that was not orchestrated to be that way! When we stop supporting that Matrix, it will collapse!
You know it's funny but i never knew that, however i had the idea for my band SAY to do exactly that... have 'photographers' and 'press' and 'screaming fans' all there when we pull up for the gig- all plants of course! This would create a 'wow- who are they??' factor and get loads of people watching us.

But what's the point really? We'd be snooped by Illuminati in SECONDS!!
"Perception is not passive... it is an act of Creation" Story Waters, www.limitlessness.com

"I know of a planet which has Love, Peace, Happiness, Joy, Fun, Laughter, Music and Art- would you like to help me create it?"

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