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Default Small World After All . . .


Is it just me or is the world getting smaller.
Let me Explain:

I live in Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact.
My friend whom I met in early May at a mall,
was in the Virginia Tech shootings.
She is from Malibu, California but went to Virginia Tech for College.
She knew the guy who did the killings.He litterly lived a floor across from her.
I know the whole story and it's scary. At first I didn't completely believe her but found her quotes on the internet in local news sightings/ publications.
She told me how the school had construction going on the weeks before the tragedy, so when she heard the gun shots she assumed it was construction and later saw bodies being rescued and so on. Also she is the girl who was quoted saying that the phones where off at the school when people tried calling family/friends.

Than there is my other friend who I met at my restaurant where I am a hostess.She was in the Hurrican Katrina Disaster and told me all about that and the fact that the hurricane, which only lasted like half a day, was not the cause of the disaster and that it was the levees breaking and funnily enough, they never broke in the rich areas only middle to lower class, and that people heard explosions and so on.

My other long time friend goes to college in Santa Barbara, and her guy friend was there when the London bombings happened. He was okay but witnessed the explosions and all that, etc.

My point is, I realized the World is small and just because something happens in an area 'far' from you doesn't mean it doesn't affect you.
Things that seemed unrelated to me in different parts of the world are in my face affecting me.
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