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Exclamation "not impersonal!"

(conversation begun in past life continues)

but that's your problem. you are in the physical. that's also your advantage.

see: mammals can do things reptiles can't do. PERIOD.

there's your flaw in science, same as the Western MALE has always made the mistake.

mammals can do things reptiles cannot do. period.

and then i hit the place where i not only disagree with you
but understand your basic principle better than YOU do. it's because

mammals are warm blooded. mammals are fur bearing. mammals gestate. you just CAN'T dispute with that.

that being said, it's OBVIOUS YOU are NOT a nazi, and did you ever think
that despite all your hard work -- you might be missing the whole point
which is a point about balance? all over the internet new agers are missing the point
and giving their power away to "les Illuminaires." one simple word --'enlightenment'
and they are deconstructed a la Derrida.

what do the Illuminati want with you Intelligently like Art Bell and others you are so high profile
you can't be disappeared. Most people never even heard of vince foster until he vanished!
Art Bell set the precedent -- if you have something to share share it with as many people as you can
and so frustrate that stupid, stupid and actually weak power.

But biologically? I know this because - i figured it out -=- this will make you smile
playing soul calibur.

But the forces of deception have worked on you and in a way they have blinded you to the best part of life, the best part of universe.
i know they have blinded you because of the things i haven't heard you say. but it is because you missed it.

you MISSED the fact that what makes mammals mammals is that they can do things that reptiles can't do.

it's a "TREE OF LIFE" -- like the tree of knowledge of sentience and nonsentience.

it literally creates two worlds. in one world
is the world where the Operation called Overcast never happened.

there IS no such world, except in the lies of George Bush and those who are loyal to them, in other words
in the world of delusion and lies, which is real and meant to decieve us all.
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