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Default Will MI6 interfere with Brexit?

There was a recent news piece that quietly announced that MI6's chief Alex Younger was "delaying" retirement to "see through" Brexit;


Quote ;

LONDON (Reuters) - The head of Britain’s MI6 foreign spy service is expected to stay on beyond his retirement date this year to guide the intelligence agency through the post-Brexit period, The Times newspaper reported.Alex Younger, 55, is due to retire in November after five years in the role. But officials want him to extend his appointment to cover the 12 to 24 months after Britain has left the EU, The Times said.If Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt confirm the extension, he will become the longest-serving MI6 chief since the 1960s. MI6 chiefs, known as “C”, traditionally serve for five years at most.

Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, has agreed to remain as director-general of the security service until 2020. He was appointed in 2013.

End of quote.

MI6 is a well oiled swiss watch. The chief doesnt "delay" retirement.

MI6 is planning something with regard to Brexit.

This might explain why a lot of MP's have been resigning form their respective parties recently. MI6 could been engaging in dirty tricks against certain UK MP's to achieve an outcome that is suitable to their agenda.

I'll merely say this, considering the chaos around British politics at the moment, attempting to engineer an outcome might make things worse........ (and that goes for all spy agencies, and private merchant banks too.)
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They'll be too busy watching the Russians to see if they interfere in UK politics and make a complete mess of the Brexit process.

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The uk intel groups, always think they are super smart, snide people.

Well the british empire fell apart, as the world woke upto the games uk played, to take over there countries.

These people have never been as smart as people think. Its just that there adversaries, were dumb. The british empire only existed, as people around the world were gullible, and naive, to people in britain manipulating them.

Today thankfully, people are more aware then ever, to the vile games, british intel groups play.
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So true
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They want to derail brexit
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The open borders policy of the EU and the increased movement of migrant activity too and from the UK certainly makes moving operatives around into countries of interest to destabilize/overthrow a lot easier.

Two of the drawbacks to this are the requirement of increased surveillance of others doing the same to the UK and the higher chances of "blowback" from others caught up by their intrigues and promises.

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