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Originally Posted by daveanderson View Post
Glad you know what im saying
I had this strange feeling you would come here to comment on this
glad you see through them

I also like what you said about path setters in not so many words.......Once someone has put you on a path /given you a little knowledge about it its up to you to find the rest of it within you ....Its all within us....I look at path setters as like flags once you have seen a flag that resonates the unlimited filling cabinet within us pulls up the file associated with the flag for us to dive in to (im terrible at explaining things

tom also gets my vote -great loving energy is what i get from tom

you want meaty stuff ?
stuart wilde is your man. i only discoverd him recently and i let my intuition guide me.....Hes worth listening to .here is a link to one of my posts.
its roughly 5ish hours in total and really worth a listen.
grab a glass of wine or two if thats your thing and have a listen http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...10&postcount=1
thanks for the link...I shall go wander when Ive completed my assignment

Toms great isnt he, I do get a good authentic vibe about him. I am not say AB and TS are fake, no not at all, its just that kinda thing dont do anything for me. I should really resonate with TS because of the abuse she suffered that I went through also, the way she deals with that by finding a hobby that brings her joy Im like yes, she gets it. Even the glamour pics, done that too...but let me tell you something folks, peeps who strip off are not healthy emotionally. I know this. Truly healthy people do not feel the need to be exploited or gain false empowerment from their nearly naked body being perved at. Nowt to big up about being objectified and I hope Teal has put that behind her. She had her looks used and it may have propped her up for a while but the truth she will know one day if she really does know her shit.

I am just not feeling the authenticity with so many youtube truther vids...its infiltrated to the fucking hilt.
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As for TS and all good healers they are wounded healers.

TS has the courage to own her past.

Now someone with no dirt in their past to dredge up makes me suspicious.

As far as i am concerned there are psycho/spiritually balanced people, just being born and raised on this planet is enough to screw anyone up.

A baby takes a first breath and takes in the atmosphere of a place that is resonant with pollution, insanity, slavery, war and torture, and it goes downhill from there.

Thats life on Earth and we use the word normal.
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Originally Posted by swamideva View Post
As for TS and all good healers they are wounded healers.

TS has the courage to own her past.

Now someone with no dirt in their past to dredge up makes me suspicious.
Yes wounded healers have this ability to heal because of their immense empathy. I was told this by someone about my own healing abilities who called me a wounded healer funnily enough. I and a good few others I have met on my path have had "the courage" no, I will call it the inclination and determination, to deal with our very traumatic pasts in order to be free from what we experienced. Its been a journey for me and these close friends.

Whilst there are some utter himbos and bimbos out there preaching a spiritual life and eat gooood that get on our tits because its so patronising and they havent lived life on many levels...I wouldnt distrust them based on purely that, or having nothing in their murky past where they werent hurt. Likewise I am not going to simply trust TS because she has had a past that I can relate with. Its simply subjective.

I just dont need TS or anyone to tell me how to deal with shadow as Ive had to do (and continue to do) this myself. Each of our shadow work is completely and utterly individual. We each take something different from what we experienced and how we transcend from and beyond that.

My shadow work and healing from my past does not completely qualify me to state my experience as the only way, of course not. But it has helped me see what I need to see in people and it can help me relate to others in a dark hole. But I could never expect to know what they are going through truly, only to empathise to a certain extent, which I hope I could.

I guess when I had my baby legally kidnapped, the 'counsellor' was no use but the support group online was because we shared similar experiences. Same with abuse etc. But when it comes down to it, I had to veer away from those places in order to carry on healing. I gained from the support given and received, we all learnt and we heard each others voices, but the strength came from dusting myself off and deciding to carry on still with love in my heart for life. Thats the victory.

Most days I see the trauma as a blessing in a way. I really can thank it for showing me something I would never have known and therefore never have clicked about so much into the workings of some of this reality. Other days it beats you, it makes the slightest thing seem insurmountable.

So I shall carry on...

and on
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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
I must say i'm not too impressed with Teal Swan, and even less with the other two interviewers.

I don't think this is the beat format to get into this type of information, four people all putting in their opinion .. much better just to let AB talk on his own, or with a decent interviewer... the interviews with Lance white, in my opinion are the best.
She is too new agey for my liking. She also plays the 'global tribe' vibe too much also.

Apart from that she is ok though.
After the Fall
DIY Solar Panels
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i am another who doesn't like teal swan
i dont think she's a "fraud", and i think a lot of her videos
can be helpful...
but i dont like the idea of "leaders", in someways
her deciding to have a "career" out of this takes away
a lot of people's own personal breakthroughs,
i think she should think about what she says and what impact
that can have on others instead of just doing it bc she can and it makes
her feel good.
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My favourites are Ken O-Keefe for what is going on in the world.. He walks the walk.

Matt Khan for my own personal growth. He hits my heart over and over, also my funny bone

Not everyone will resonate with everyone. Once they stop resonating then move on as you have learnt what you can from them.

Always listen to your inner voice never ignore it unless its having a shit day and talking bollocks
When you stop watching what they want you to watch you stop thinking what they want you to think.. Then you see a world that is nothing like they tell you it is.
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Default Critical Article on Teal Swan

I came across this critical article on Teal Swan, who I'd not heard of before.

The author seems to be insinuating that Teal's "cult" is ripe for a mass suicide event. Is also sceptical of Teal Swan's claim to be a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse.


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#andrew bartzis, #teal swan

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