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Default Shamanic Journey to the Akashic Field - Experience

I post about everything else under the sun here so why not include this.


I’d consider myself a spiritual sort of person but not limited to any one school of thought or anything like that and very recently I’ve been looking more into Shamanism, which also linked/branched off with some other research of
Turtle Island - North American history of Native Indians and the Colonisation that led to present day USA, the war pad for the international PTB of the rest of the world that don’t except a certain model of governmental powers.
(Their version of democracy everywhere on a global scale dominated by the constant few banking interests - who are the political string pullers of puppet politicians by dominating the lobby, charity groups based upon the current geopolitical interests - operating largely out of the City of London around the rest of world, using various other nations and organisations towards their objectives within a web of deception.)

The Hidden History of the Foundation of US - Colonisation


Continuing currently with the changing shape of the Middle East, to a new Colonisation process that’s dictated by an International Zionist manifesto.
It seems quite clear to me anyway, that these are apart of the same objectives of a constant and malevolent force that has plagued humanity throughout history.

Jerusalem King Solomon’s Temple Zionism/Freemasonry

Video Guide

I’d advise anyone interested and that have a general background in this sort of thing, perhaps do their own guided meditation using this video first and see if or what presents itself before reading my experience. Just in case you’ll think it may influence your own experience.
But I guess if you’ve tried this before and nothing has presented itself, I don’t know, maybe review this then try it again and see if something else appears. But try to keep a clear and open mind not fixated on anything by first only concentrating on the sounds of the drums. Everything is sound and therefore vibration, therefore this can allow various things to manifest which makes up the sum total of all of our experience. Hence use of psychedelics can often allow the consumer to hear vision and see sound...
I certainly didn’t expect anything much this being the first time trying this but thought it would just be a calming of the mind sort of meditation which I’ve done many times over before.

My Experience

‘This is the first time I’ve tried this but occasionally in the past I’ve meditated to try and empty my mind etc.

From this I saw a monk in what I’d say where Tibetan like robes after having first visualised this place and I got images what felt like looking back at either fragments of an old memory from a long time ago or trying to revisualise a dream and parts kept coming and going. But within that visualisation of what felt like an old memory this person or force appeared in the woods shortly before it was mentioned that something may appear really early on.

As I tried to investigate them, listening to the walkthrough stating it maybe possible to communicate if your guide presents themselves it seemed I wasn’t going to be able to communicate as they was within a meditative state.
I could look all around them as they was sat within a lotus position whilst meditating.
So I couldn’t communicate with them...
It was like this force or being, was also communicating with this place I had visualised in a similar manner to me so they wasn’t actually here and of this place I had envisioned but they appeared in this world from some place else and they had what seemed like a bubble around them of some force.
Like within a dream if you walk towards something and your as close as you can be and you could keep walking and you’d still be in the same space not able to get any closer. I could walk around this bubble or shield to observe but I also didn’t feel it was right to disturb them almost. It’s rather strange. I couldn’t always see this bubble of field but noticed it when I tried to approach...

It was like they was telling me to just meditate or that’s what I got from it anyway and don’t try to influence this place too much more than I already had to envision it up until this point. Which kept going in and out of this ancient Forrest where this monk appeared like a fluctuation between nothing then what I was envisioning. If I tried to focus too much the vision would disappear...

Then I noticed this field of light charge through the whole vision which once noticed the vision no longer took any form but it wasn’t clear and a whole lot of different colours of light where all intermingling, like the colours where dancing or vibrating, I couldn’t describe the colours as smoke or a light they just didn’t seem to take any form whatsoever, they where just these colours of themselves in a state of flux back and forth...

Then it came to the end of the meditation and it felt a lot shorter than what the time this meditation lasts. It felt like more around 5-10 minutes and like it had ended before it should or I wanted it to...

It’s certainly weird and strange what the mind can manifest by itself, I found it difficult not trying too hard to envision more once certain things came to manifest at first. Like if you was walking out and about and you think you see someone you know and you take a second look after passing and make sure, only in this the second look in the vision it destroys rather than confirms your illusion like in the real world you’d confirm it is who you know or you’d say no it’s not them and either way you’re reassured. In this vision it is lost when you try to do that because the mind starts to over analyse from my point of view.
The only time that wasn’t the case was when the fluctuation of colours appeared and I didn’t try to analyse but just let it happen and observe.

After sleeping I was in a very long and deep sleep.
Getting up I felt incredibly fatigued and it took a long time to come around and get going but I don’t clearly remember any dreams although I’m sure I must of had them.

I will definitely try this again!’


If anyone else has experienced anything similar it would be interesting to know or hear about or if anyone on this forum has any more experience in this and would like to share their opinion on this?

Good luck anyone else trying this or looking into it, I definitely recommend anyone reading this looks into shamanism and ancient practices that are not fixated on any one set of concepts. A one fits all concept is a prison for your mind in my opinion and isn’t always going to work for everyone, which is why I personally don’t accept any one set of practices but review a host of religious and spiritual practices.
That’s around the current geopolitical atmosphere of the PTB which I’ve also included above, it is important to not let their game completely distract us, or suck us into being a pawn in their game by their deceptions which means we would be playing their game. Often that’s due to distractions based upon material influences or by even thinking you’re fighting against these forces you’re actually helping. That’s how the best deception works compounded by duality, and try telling anyone that...
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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